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With the 100th Episode just around the corner for Once Upon a Time fans, we have already had the good news of many of the shows villains returning, from Peter Pan to the Blind Witch. With the Underworld opening up, there are many opportunities for the fallen of the show, and it appears that there is one more to be added to the list.

In the episode in Once Upon a Time season 2 entitled "The Crocodile" we met Rumplestiltskin's wife, Milah, played by actress Rachel Shelley. She ran away with Hook, only to be killed by Rumplestiltskin when they crossed paths again, and she was Hook's first loved.

The cast are filming episode 5.14 entitled, according to Adam Horowitz on twitter, "The Devil's Due". In this episode we apparently are going to get the return of this troublesome character as Rachel has been spotted by fans on set.

In this fan photo, you can see her with Rumplestiltskin, which must have made for a very awkward reunion of husband and wife, though they are all smiles behind the scenes.

With Hook and Emma already having issues at the moment thanks to the darkness, could this spell issues for this fan favorite couple? Could Milah and Rumple reconnect, now that Belle has given him the boot? It's going to be a long wait for fans of the show to find out, as ONCE goes on hiatus after next week's episode for winter break.

One thing is for certain, the second half of the season will not be a boring one.

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