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The Good Dinosaur takes place in a world where Dinosaurs were never extinct. It follows a dinosaur named Arlo who is striving to make his mark and help his family with the farm, but his fears get in the way. One day when Arlo gets lost he befriends a little human boy and together they help each other and face their fears.

Pixar is known for not only some creating of the best animated movies, but also some of the best films of all time. Pixar has a long list of great movies, and only a few bad ones. Their masterpieces includes, the Toy Story franchise, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Up, Inside Out and now their latest entry, the Good Dinosaur.

Let me start with saying that The Good Dinosaur probably has the best visual effects I've ever seen in an animated film. The Good Dinosaur is visually beautiful and incredible to look at. The blend of cartoon characters, and the extremely realistic background was genius and it truly elevates the story. This was also a film worth seeing in 3D, because it makes the visual effects look even better.

Many have argued that The Good Dinosaur is one of Pixar's worst entries, and while I respect everyone's opinion, I don't understand why there are critics who hate this movie. Its not only an incredible visual achievement, but its also packed with so much heart and emotional moments that it makes for an instant classic.

The only real valid argument that I have heard against this movie is that the storyline isn't as original as some of Pixar's other films. While The Good Dinosaur may draw parallels to films like Ice Age, Dinosaur and The Lion Kings, its deep lessons about friendship, facing fears and making your mark as well as its visual effects easily set it apart from all the films I previously mentioned. (Yes I think that The Good Dinosaur is better than The Lion King. I'm preparing for hate comments now, lol!)

Something I loved about the Good Dinosaur is how it is through the Dinosaurs eyes, so the human boy acts like more of an animal, but we see this because we are watching through the dinosaurs perspective. I thought that was super creative and I highly enjoyed that aspect of the film.

Like previous Pixar films, The Good Dinosaur really packs an emotional punch. There are only a handful of movies that have made me so emotional that I teared up; Up, Toy Story 3, Inside Out, The Theory of Everything (don't judge, lol), but The Good Dinosaur is the only movie that made me cry. Again, I usually don't cry during movies, but this film was just so moving and beautiful that I couldn't control it, lol!

Overall, The Good Dinosaur is a masterpiece and its my second favorite movie this year behind Inside Out. Its also only the second movie I gave 5 stars to this year.


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