ByJoe Kmucha, writer at

As we just witnessed is what seems to be the saviors in the mid season finale prologue scene and I garentee that fans were flipping out. Negan one of the scariest villains in the walking dead comic universe. The only bigger threat I know of is probly Alpha the leader of the whisperers. Now many people who read the comics are probly thinking who is he going to kill ? Well here is my prediction : eugene I mean I personally like him idk why I just do but he really is just basically stalling now . Not only will he be an excellent choice to replace #%^**,he will probly beg negan to spare him and if I know any thing that will make negan want to do it more. Now I also think they could kill Morgan which would also be pretty logical. Now I don't want Eugene to die yet so I hope it's Daryl because he is probly the most logical choice because of shock not story just pure shock. Who do you think will get Lucilled post your opinions below .


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