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As you may know, there is going to be a sequel to the newly released Marvel film, Ant-Man. The film is going to be called Ant-Man and the Wasp and will star Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, Evangeline Lilly as Wasp, and Michael Douglas as Hank Pym! The film will also be the first Marvel film to have a female heroine in the title!

Wasp's MCU Suit For Ant-man and the Wasp
Wasp's MCU Suit For Ant-man and the Wasp

Today I have decided to share my ideas about whom the villain for the new film may be. You will probably see some familiar faces in this list. The list will contain 3 villains that I think have POSSIBILITY of being the villain so none of these are confirmed as the villain for the film.

3. Task Master

Concept Art By Andrew Seto
Concept Art By Andrew Seto

I think that Task Master is a very possible candidate for the villain of the sequel to Ant-Man! First off, Ant-Man has had many encounters with the Task Master before. Also Task Master is powerful enough that it may have to take two heroes to defeat him! Task Masters powers are to adapt to the abilities and moves of superheroes and use the same moves to counter act the superheroes attacks. I think that it would be very interesting if Task Master was the villain and it would also be very cool to see him on the big screen!

Now for casting I don't really know who could play Task Master but it should be a very good actor who could portray the role in to character and the best way they could. They would also have to be in great shape because Task Master does a lot of physical things like kicks and karate type moves. (P.S. I am terrible at casting).

2. Janet Van-Dyne (Original Wasp)

Original Wasp from Ant-Man flashback scene
Original Wasp from Ant-Man flashback scene

Now some people might thing I'm crazy for thatsaying she should be a villain but some people might think I'm a genius. First they would have to get Janet out of the Quantum Realm which might not be as hard as they thought, since Scott was able to escape. After Janet would return from the Quantum Realm after being there for who knows how long, she would probably be a little coo-coo and would probably get pushed over the edge and go crazy. Also can you imagine the Original Wasp (Mom) vs. New Wasp (Daughter???) That would be AMAZING!!!

As for casting, I am not very sure but they would kind of have to resemble Evangeline Lilly, and they would also have to be in shape and look good with short hair. Maybe someone like Olivia Wilde could be a good Janet. I think she would be my number one choice.

1. Hank Pym

Hank Pym in Ant-Man
Hank Pym in Ant-Man

I know I'm crazy for thinking that the guy who convinced Scott Lang to become Ant-Man and the guy who made a suit for Hope will turn on them. Now there are a few ways that this could happen. One is that Ant-Man and Wasp try to get Janet back from the Quantum Realm and they go back back and tell Hank that Janet is dead. This would drive Hank absolutely crazy because he would have a chance at getting his wife back but end up getting his hopes up.

The second way would be for Hank to either try on the Ant-Man suit or his own suit that he could make for himself, shrink and then go crazy because he has shrunken too many times. Hank knows that if he shrinks he will go mad but maybe he won't be able to resist shrinking again, or maybe he will think he will be fine because he has had such a long break. Ultimately, I personally think that Hank will be the villain for Ant-Man 2 but if he isn't he may be the villain of Ant-Man 3. You never know because Hank does go crazy plenty of times in the comic.

Over all what do you think about my choice of villains for the next Ant-Man film? Tell me in the comments below!


Who do you think the villain will be for Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp?


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