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There's no getting around it. Supergirl is still aiming at a clear demographic below the age of 15 and elements of it continue to be witless you have to wonder if the writers ever finished high school.
Last week we were informed that in order to get further away from the city Kara should turn at right angles in her flight, because somehow straight up is further away that straight out (in fact including the turn would place her nearer). I don't know any adult who wouldn't roll their eyes at that.
Perhaps most annoying is the killer combo of soap opera nonsense tropes and faux feminism. We started off with the 'You can do it because I believe in you' trope (because that always help you break the limits of physics and physiology) and this week it was some very solid advice to screw down your anger until it boils over so far that you slaughter a sentient being in a manic rage. Because again, 'focus you anger' breaks the laws of physics.
And there was some excellent advice for young women this week. If you feel that you dad is overbearing, don't try and deal with that or establish boundaries, or act in any way like a mature adult, nope, just throw away your career to be with your boyfriend.

This series is so in need of a responsible intelligent adult to do some script control.

On the good side, Red Tornado was bearable, although in the fight scenes Melissa Benoist continues to look like an inept but charming goofball. For godsakes someone teach her how to throw a punch convincingly and stop biting her lip.


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