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Brace yourself, bad puns are coming.
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(Warning: Spoilers for Gotham S2E11 'Worse Than A Crime' below).

Gotham has been improving since the day it began. Starting off as a show which most people considered to be far below average, it has consistently been increasing it's quality, and ended Season 1 with a bang.

Season 2 started off on a high note, and things have been moving extremely fast since then, pushing the excitement, action and suspense to the limits each time.

Needless to say, Gotham finished up their run for 2015 on a high note, with episode 11 'Worse Than A Crime'. Let's take a look at some of the best moments and easter eggs from the episode:

Introducing... Dr Strange!

No, not the Marvel version played by Benedict Cumberbatch (who is getting his own movie in November 2016). This one refers to Dr. Hugo Strange, a key member of Batman's Gallery of Rogues, and a genius scientist.

One of Batman's very first villains, Hugo Strange is also one of the few who deduced his secret identity. Though he was not exactly shown, he was certainly name dropped when Theo Galavan's corpse was taken to Indian Hill for experimentation.

Bruce Wayne's Favourite Animal

Interestingly, while talking to Silver, Bruce mentioned that his favourite animals were... Owls. Now, this has two possible implications. Firstly (and most likely), it's hinting at the Court of Owls, a secret society which has ruled Gotham for centuries, hiding in the shadows. Showrunner Bruno Heller confirmed a while ago that the Court will eventually be making their way into the show.

Secondly (although less likely), it could be a nod to Earth 3's Batman counterpart: Owlman, a villain who is part of the Crime Syndicate of America (Earth 3's version of the Justice League).

Back to where it all began

This place was a pivotal moment in Season 1, being the place where Jim Gordon was ordered to kill Penguin. Obviously, he didn't. Since then, the show has done a fantastic job of showing the evolution of their characters, and how Jim Gordon has come to the point where he didn't hesitate to shoot Galavan in the head. And to make sure he doesn't survive, an umbrella is shoved down his throat.

It will be interesting to see what happens further, and how this action has repercussions for Gordon.

Sneaky Reference to Martian Manhunter and Solomon Grundy

Both Martian Manhunter and Solomon Grundy were referenced in this episode. Jim Gordon and Penguin were assembling a team to take on Galavan in Nygma's apartment, which was located in "Grundy". While it was unclear what it meant (could be the name of the complex or street), it was a clear hint at Solomon Grundy, a Hulk-like character in the DC Universe.

The Martian Manhunter was referenced when Alfred questioned Selina's offer of helping them infiltrate Galavan's headquarters, to which she snappily replied:

How do I know you're not a Martian in a rubber suit?

The interesting thing to note is that the Martian Manhunter was just introduced in Supergirl, another DC TV show.

Our First look at Mr. Freeze, and he looks cool

And finally, we got our first look at Mr. Freeze. Appropriate timing, considering that it's nearly winter. His suit looks cool for the most part, despite the fact that it is quite different from the source material. We were warned of his arrival in a recent teaser:

It appears to be quite similar to the show's version of Firefly. Thankfully, he looks like a proper villain, instead of the wisecracking version from Batman and Robin. Looks like there are some cold nights in store for Gotham!

Gotham returns on Feb 29, 2016 with the episode 'Cold, Dark Nights', looking to be primarily set around Mr. Freeze.

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