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With the Force Awakens, its time to go back to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away and looks back at all live action films in the series and look at the best moments. I want to have all my fellow Moviepilot Creators get involved with this so I decided to call this the . Let's start with where it all began: A New Hope.

5. Battle on the Tantive IV

Talk about a way to open your movie. Big ship being gunned down by an even bigger ship, Stormtroopers and Rebels going at it, the introduction of one of the biggest baddies in Hollywood: Darth Vader. Overall a great first scene featuring amazing music and visuals.

4. The Introduction of Han Solo (Original Version)

It's everyone's favorite (or in my case second favorite) scoundrel in the galaxy portrayed by one of the greatest actors in existence. From his bargaining with our main hero to him gunning down the Rodian named Greedo (like a boss) as if it were his regular Monday. Perfect way to introduce him in my opinion. No build up or obvious hints at a man named Solo or the captain of the Millennium Falcon. Just boom, he shows up and now he's a protagonist.

3. Millennium Falcon VS the TIE Fighters

So I'm a sucker for space battles and since really this is the first one (the opening scene does not count since most of the battle is inside) in the whole franchise, how could I not put it on there? If you actually come up with a reason then...

One of the only good lines from this movie.
One of the only good lines from this movie.

I'm kidding but still, I definitely could not leave this scene off the list. Amazingly catchy music by John Williams combined with excellently filmed dog fighting for the time. It is the one of the best star fights.

2. The Destruction of the Death Star

Again, sucker for space battles and...IT'S THE TRENCH RUN! It's like the quintessential space battle. It's like the Star Wars equivalent of the Battle of Helms Deep, that's how awesome it is. Best moment in this battle comes at that last few minutes where Luke Skywalker is using the Force to fire torpedoes into a port with Darth Vader on his tale but luckily he's got Han backing him up (giving off my favorite cheer in movie history) with John Williams giving an extremely thrilling score. And it all comes to a satisfying conclusion when we see that epic explosion of the flying golf ball.

1. The Throne Room Scene (Final Scene)

So we've established that I love space battles but you want to know what else I am a sucker for? Epicly good endings. Not the fluffy endings you find in kids movies, I mean the endings that have you cheering. The brilliant John Williams is at it again bringing us my second favorite piece of music in the franchise as Han, Luke, and Chewie walk down the aisles of rebels, being given medals (what kind of medals? Who cares this scene is too amazing!) for their victory against the Empire and it all ends with a wide shot of all our heroes. The scene just screams victory, the whole movie has built up that the Rebel Alliance has been struggling and with the destruction of the Death Star, you can feel that this is a great victory. I love this scene, it makes me smile more than any scene in this movie so that's why it takes the number one slot.

So those are my picks for this list but I am curious as to what your choices are and what are your Top 5 moments for the Empire Strikes Back? They can be entire scenes or just small moments. I'll look at them and maybe I'll consider them for the next article. Let me know in the comment section below! As for my two Creators to tag into the challenge I choose John Carter and Catrina Dennis!


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