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Freddy might be the most popular slasher villain, Jason may have the highest body count, but Michael Myers is by far the scariest slasher of all time!

Here's why!

5. He's The Most Realistic

Who wouldn't be afraid of the guy that could actually be out there in real life? What are your chances of being hacked to pieces by a hockey masked zombie in the woods? Close to zero. What about your chances of dying a brutal death in your dreams? Extremely unlikely. How about being stalked and murdered by a masked maniac in your neighborhood? The odds are much higher. So excluding the part about being a pure, remorseless, evil, Michael Myers isn't that far of a stretch.

4. He Has The Darkest Movies

Myers has gone from targeting teenagers, to little girls, to newborn babies, to being involved with satanic cults, and so on. Really dark stuff right? Then we get to Friday The 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street, franchises where you'll see the same old regurgitated stories. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that at all, Halloween is just a darker franchise. Which in return makes him scarier.

3. He Stalks You In Suburbia

Jason comes after you in the woods, Freddy comes when you're sleep, and Michael Myers comes after you in your house. Which one sounds the most realistic? From the beginning, Mike showed us he has no limits. You can be watering your yard, talking on the phone, or reading this article, and it won't matter. He will find you.

2. He Has The Scariest Theme Song In Horror

When you hear that iconic theme music, you know who's coming. While the theme music for Freddy and Jason just don't compare. It's a million times scarier too!

1. He Looks The Scariest

Michael Myers's white, expressionless, dark eyed, mask is one of the scariest faces you'll ever see in Horror. While Jason made the hockey mask an iconic symbol in film, it's nowhere near the level of creepy as Michael's mask.

Definitely not a face I'd wanna see in the dark!


Who's the scariest, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, or Michael Myers?


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