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The year was 2004. The world was still reeling from Janet Jackson's exposed boob, Blink-182 were top of the charts and Rockstar's controversial masterpiece Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released to unanimous critical acclaim and record-breaking sales. 11 years later, this satirical ode to '90s hip hop culture has arrived on the PS3, just begging you to return to the hardened streets of Los Santos.

Check out this trailer celebrating the game's 10th anniversary:

This prized relic of video game history snuck its way onto the PlayStation store with minimal fanfare, its 2.1 GB file now available to download for $14.99. The port replaces the PS2 Classics version of the game and seems to be near-identical to the Xbox 360 Games on Demand version that hit back in 2014.

Despite the game now running on almost every device under the sun (iOS and Android included), it's still best revisited on a console. Though you should probably be warned: despite frame-rate and draw distance improvements, you'll find few graphical improvements which may be a little jarring (especially coming off the back of the stunning GTA V). But San Andreas remains a classic for a reason and its gem-filled soundtrack still sounds just as good as ever.

'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' By the Numbers

Copies sold: 27.5 million (as of 2011)

Platforms available on: 10

Drivable vehicles in the game: 212

Missions in the game: 100

Metacritic rating: 95

Lawsuit claims filed against Hot Coffee mod: 2,676


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