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With the screening of episode 3 of Into the Badlands done and dusted, we're now halfway through Season 1 of the AMC series, and damn, it's gone quickly!

This week there were a few more glorious showdowns including a spectacular opening fight, a storyline involving M.K. meeting Veil, whom he is training with Sunny to protect, as well as some screen time focussing on the ailing Baron Quinn and his family, including his injured son, Ryder. Check out all this and more in the 5 best moments from episode 3 of Into the Badlands, 'White Stork Spreads Wings.'

1. The badass Baron vs Baron fight scene

As we've almost come to expect from this series, the episode set off with a crazy fight scene. However this time the show really upped the ante by having two Barons - Quinn and the Widow, face off against each other. The two seemed evenly matched and the fight was a thing of beauty to watch, but just when it looked as though the older Baron had the upper hand, he was struck down by pain and Sunny had to come to his aid, allowing The Widow to escape with her life.

2. The mysterious book

While the whole showdown was going on at the start of the episode, Sunny commanded the Colts to stay outside, but M.K. was unable to resist such a perfect opportunity to get inside and steal the book which bore the same mark as his pendant from Azra. Unfortunately after risking it all to take the book, it appears to have been written in a strange language which can't be read by anyone (at the moment at least!). But despite the book being a dead end in episode 3, I have no doubt that it'll prove useful sometime soon.

3. Sunny beginning M.K.'s training

After the agreement was struck between M.K. and Sunny last week, in 'White Stork Spreads Wings' Sunny began the young teens training. Unfortunately for M.K. it looks like he's in for an absolutely ass kicking after being pushed off a wall for talking back to Sunny, and then having his butt handed to him by Sunny's former regent, the wheelchair-bound Waldo. Hopefully we see many more of the training sessions sprinkled throughout the season as M.K. gets as strong as Sunny needs him to be to take care of Veil and her unborn baby.

4. The Sanctuary

After making a run for it after her showdown against Quinn, The Widow led her women straight to a safe house set among the trees. Will this mysterious place be the perfect base for The Widow and her girls to lay low for awhile and plot their revenge against Quinn? I'm betting so.

5. Veil showing off her medical skills

After Ryder was injured in episode 2, there was a significant amount of screen time dedicated to his recovery in 'White Stork Spreads Wings.' After being treated begrudgingly by Quinn's first wife Lydia (who can blame her, really?) it was Jade who saved his life when she brought Veil to the compound to trepan Ryder's skull.

As gnarly as the trepanation scene is, it was Veil's next scene when your heart was really in your mouth, after Quinn revealed he knew all about Sunny and Veil's relationship. Though fortunately for Veil, her saving grace may have come at the end of the episode when Quinn came to her store and asked her to save him. At least Quinn knows that unlike his last doctor he knows he can hold Veil to silence with secrets. So, will she help Quinn, or could she possibly take him out once and for all? Let's watch this space!

Episode 4 of 'Into the Badlands' screens on Sunday on AMC.

Source: IGN, EW


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