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Every now and then, people who got famous doing something that's not acting try their hand at acting. They get the itch and, sadly for us, they scratch it. There have been countless celebrity cameos in sitcoms, TV shows and movies in the last decade or two, but these 7 examples really take the cake.

1. David Beckham in 'The Man From UNCLE'

When he first moved to LA, Becks promised never to get the Hollywood bug, saying at the time he was "too stiff" to be an actor, but clearly Guy Ritchie did something to twist his arm, because this year Beckham made a cameo in spy bomb The Man From UNCLE. The critics' verdict? Still stiff. Very, very stiff.

2. Geri Halliwell in 'Sex and the City'

This cameo needs absolutely no context. Just watch it and gawp at how stunningly, record breakingly, earth shatteringly awful the former Spice Girl's alleged acting is in this clip of Samantha running into an old friend named Phoebe on the streets of NYC. Call it a post-ironic comedic masterpiece.

3. George Lucas in 'Beverly Hills Cop 3'

The very fact that Beverly Hills Cop 3 is a thing that happened is mystifying enough, but quite why anybody thought casting the legendary Star Wars creator George Lucas as "Disappointed Man" (complete with hideous mustard sweater) was a good idea is beyond me. He only says 5 words, and he doesn't do a very good job of conveying that disappointment.

4. Donald Trump in 'Home Alone 2'

I hear your complaint of "there's just not enough D-Trump in this list", and I raise you this gif of the big man's ridiculous cameo in Home Alone 2. He looks exactly the same 23 years later, only a little more racist.

5. Michelle Obama in 'iCarly'

It's important for politicians to make people think they're in touch with pop culture, which probably explains why some fool in PR thought it was a great idea for the First Lady to cameo in iCarly.

"She watched iCarly online last week!", says Random Cast Member in an attempt to explain what Michelle Obama is doing on the set of a Nick teen sitcom. To give Mrs. Obama her dues, she's pretty good at playing herself.

6. Larry David in 'Hannah Montana'

On a similar note, comedian Larry David made a spectacularly weird cameo in Hannah Montana, back in the days before Miley was a pro provocateur. Despite his best attempts to get a table at an exclusive restaurant, Hannah usurps him and grabs the table for herself.

I can't hate too hard on this one - Larry David was probably in on the joke.

7. Madonna in Die Another Day

Fair to say I've saved the best for last. Pierce Brosnan's final Bond movie features an epic cameo from Madonna as Verity, Miranda Frost's fencing instructor. Because duh.

There are dick puns ("I see you handle your weapon well..."), the obligatory flirtation ("I think I've come undone!") and... more dick puns. On paper it should be terrible, and in fact it is, but it's also oddly hypnotic. A spin-off set in Verity's lesbian fencing academy would be the stuff of dreams.

So, there you have it: 7 celeb movie cameos so awful, they're actually kind of awesome. But what did we miss from the list? Does any cameo you've seen top the brilliant awfulness of Geri in Sex and the City?


Which of these cameos was the most entertaining?


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