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"Your mother and I don't yet have the words to describe the hope you give us for the future."

Mark Zuckerberg's adorable newborn daughter Max has deeply inspired him. In an announcement of her birth on Facebook, Mark posted a letter welcoming Max to the world:

Priscilla and I are so happy to welcome our daughter Max into this world!For her birth, we wrote a letter to her about...

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The letter went into much detail about why the Facebook juggernaut is about to unload 99% of Facebook's stocks (worth around $45 billion) to help the advancement of humanity.

Living off the remaining single percent still amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars, an amount that is extraordinarily high and will prove more than enough to cover all of the couple's personal needs.

The Facebook founder is being earnest in his claims as he has already contacted the Securities and Exchange Commission about unloading the stocks which will be distributed through the course of Mark and wife Priscilla's lifetimes.

Mark describes himself as being in a position of "moral responsibility" and how he wants investment going into the construction of communities. He talks about advancing the education system to account for the individual so that everyone can hit their potential. In addition, he plans to help excel in fields such as medication so that health problems like cancer or neurodegenerative disorders can be a thing of the past.

The Facebook company, which expands its global reach with every passing day, is all about connecting as many people as possible. Mark's plans for investment echo this as he writes, “many of the greatest opportunities for your generation will come from giving everyone access to the Internet.”

Zuckerberg has been praised for his plans. For example, billionaire businessman Warren Buffett has said that "30 is the new 70," questioning why should billionaires wait until the twilight years of their lives or deaths to give away vast amounts of their empires. Echoing that, it will be nice for Mark to witness how his investments will impact the world.

The new dad has his work cut out for him, and no doubt raising a daughter will prove a more difficult challenge than raising a social media empire. It's a good thing that both he and Priscilla are taking parental leave, even if it's not for long, as Mark says that he will be chief executive of Facebook for "many, many years to come."


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