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It's often stated that the only thing that will come from meeting your idols is a dull sense of disappointment, and it seems like Jonah Hill himself is a firm supporter of this pessimistic hypothesis.

In typical self-depreciating style, the Wolf of Wall Street star has saved his fans the trouble of reporting that their fleeting encounter with Hill wasn't all they hoped it would be with the hilarious business card below.

According to Reddit user BigAstra, if you approach Hill in a public place and ask for his autograph, the star will politely decline to sign anything but will give you the classy business card above as a souvenir of your brief rendezvous.

Hill has famously spoken openly about how difficult he finds the pressures of fame and has cracked under the constant intrusions of the press in more than one controversial incident in the past. The 31-year-old star summarized his attitude to fame when he told Howard Stern that:

"I think I am pretty good at making movies, but I am not good at being a famous person."
Jonah struggles with public intrusions
Jonah struggles with public intrusions

Naughty Gossip took this opportunity to slam Hill and, claiming his sense of self importance is responsible for the business cards, a source was quoted as saying:

"Jonah actually had these printed up and always is carrying a bunch of them in his pocket. He thinks he is so clever and brilliant. Who goes to all the trouble? It would be easier to just sign something or take a quick picture. He needs to chill out. He thinks he is very important."

Personally though, I have a more positive take on the tactic. Maybe handing out these cards as keepsakes to his fans without having to commit to hundreds of minor interactions helps Hill to feel more at ease with his celebrity status and more in control of his own life.

What do you guys think?

(Source: Reddit and Naughty Gossip)


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