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I bet you didn't!

Ever since its release in November, Netflix's hit show Jessica Jones has taken the Internet by storm. It's a gritty superhero show, but with less capes and more crime-solving, and it's a refreshing new take on the superhero genre. Jessica Jones is originally a Marvel character, and the show is produced by Marvel Television – and no one does an Easter egg better than Marvel!

In the comic books, Jessica Jones has a lot to do with Spider-Man, and it appears somebody at Marvel Television wanted to pay tribute to that. The way they did it is quite subtle, but very cute. Check it out:

A Spider-Man popsicle! Well done Marvel, well done.

For more Jessica Jones Easter eggs, head on over to this article to read about the 10 biggest ones.

And if you're interested in watching Jessica Jones but haven't gotten around to doing it yet, I thoroughly recommend watching the trailer so you can get a feel for how good it is.

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