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Uh-oh, it appears the Force is NOT strong with this one. At least not on her first day on set.

In a recent interview, actress Daisy Ridley, better known to most as Rey, confessed that J.J. Abrams gave her some harsh criticism on her first day filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

“I was petrified. I thought I was gonna have a panic attack on the first day, because J.J…he probably doesn’t remember telling me that my performance was wooden. This was the first day! And I honestly wanted to die. I thought I was gonna cry, I couldn’t breathe. And there was so many crew there, because obviously all the creatures had stand-ins, and there were loads of extra crew making sure everyone was safe ’cause it was so hot. It was awful.

Being told your performance is wooden is probably not what you want to hear after landing the role of a lifetime, a role that comes with an incredibly huge amount of pressure and high expectations from fans. It's no wonder she was a bit nervous on the first day of filming, and I have no doubt she warmed up and did a fantastic job. In fact, in the same interview she says that Steven Spielberg has seen the movie 3 times already, so surely he must have liked it.

Daisy Ridley is just as big a fan of Star Wars as the rest of us, so I'm going to assume she has done her best to do the franchise justice. If you need proof, all you have to do is check out her Instagram, it's got some really sweet Star Wars moments.

Like that time she had the most adorable reaction when she first saw the trailer

Or when she made a BB-8 cake!

And let's not forget that one time she hummed the 'Star Wars' theme when she saw herself in Times Square

It's safe to say that Daisy is definitely a true Star Wars fan, and I am really excited to see her play Rey later this month. If you still need convincing, just check out her performance in the trailer!

Source: The Telegraph and Daisy Ridley's Instagram account


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