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Batman: The Animated Series, was undoubtedly a huge success. Created by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski, the series ran from 1992 to 1995 and won four Emmys.

Timm in particular is one of the most decorated and celebrated DC animators, so much so fans have even coined the term "the Timmverse" for cartoons he's been involved in. What's even more impressive is that Timm, 54, is completely self taught!

But have you ever imagined what other characters would look like in the show's iconic style? Well, wonder no more. Below are 8 cool fan art conceptions of characters in the style of DC's animated universe.

1. Gamora and Star-Lord

Created by Kiley Beecher

2. Watchmen

Created by Nick-Perks

3. Star Trek

Created by Gene Guilmette

4. Mr. Incredible

Created by onegemini

5. The Dark Knight

Created by Dan Mora

6. Suicide Squad

Created by jtsentertainment

7. Harley Quinn

Created by soliduskim

8. X-Men

Created by thecreatorhd.


Which design is your favorite?

Source: Dorkly


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