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Movie extras are an underrated bunch. They contribute to an entire film's mise-en-scene, creating the illusion of normality, atmosphere and believability. Mostly though, they're supposed to be seen and not heard. But somehow I don't think this bunch got that memo...

1. 'Star Wars IV - A New Hope'

Or no hope, if you're this storm trooper who forgot to duck.

2. 'Back To The Future 3'

The blonde kid. Watch. His. Hand. He probably needs to pee and didn't want to ruin the take but still, bit weird seeing a child pointing to his bits.

3. 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'

No candy for you honey, just a swift smack in the jaw.

4. 'Everything Must Go'

Oh, just some causal frozen kids hanging in the garden, not creepy AT ALL.

5. 'North by Northwest'

Is the little boy in the background shielding his ears from the upcoming gun shot, or just Cary Grant's acting?

6. 'The Dark Knight Rises'

This dude who straight up CBA with fighting and just falls over. (That would be me.)

7. 'Coach Carter'

Everyone is furious when Coach Carter cancels the big game against Fremont. Apart from this one dude.

8. 'The Last Samurai'

This poor extra gets belted in the nuts... by a HORSE.

9. 'Year One'

Speaking of nuts, WTF is this extra doing with that goat?

10. 'Mr. Nanny'

What did the dog do? :(

Source: Dorkly, Mental Floss


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