BySarah O'Connell, writer at

The world has been crushing on Britney Spears since 1999 and the list of reasons why is endless.

For a start, the girl has moves...

She brought us the ultimate double denim...

And she's as goofy as she is beautiful...

Earlier this week, the starlet took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the Denice Vickers novel, Plastic Tulips in the Winter.

She captioned the photo with:

"Yeah I know I've got a big forehead... but it was a really great book!"

Turns out even superstars have insecurities just like the rest us.

Well, we don't think there is anything wrong with your sweet little forehead Britney and neither do your fans...


Which is your favorite Britney?

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Instagram


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