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After this weekends mid-season finale of The Walking Dead left audiences tearing out their hair at the prospect of waiting until February to see the fates of our gang, showrunner Scott Gimple chatted to Entertainment Weekly about those burning questions us fans had about the episode.

First up Gimple was asked why the crew made the decision to end the episode at such a crucial moment. As the episode ended Rick, Jessie, Carl, Father Gabriel, Michonne, Ron and Sam were all walking straight into the herd, the one remaining Wolf had Dr. Denise hostage, and Maggie was precariously balancing on an unstable platform while Glenn and Enid looked on helpless. So why cut the mid-season finale at such a cliffhanger? Gimple explained:

I love doing eight episodes as a whole chapter and then being done, but we did that the last two half-seasons, and I just wanted to do it a little differently and play around with it a little bit...There is very much between episodes 8 and 9 this connection and this yin and yang thing going on, so hopefully after 9, people will get why. And especially after 10.

Deanna talks to Rick in her last moments
Deanna talks to Rick in her last moments

Gimple also went on to talk about how a dying Deanna's words to Rick about the residents of Alexandria all being "Rick's people" will really have an impact on him throughout the remainder of Season 6, saying:

To Deanna saying to him — and she died in some ways to save Rick and keep him safe — they’re all his people. That’s one of the most important things for Rick to realize and to come to, and it doesn’t seem like he’s entirely come to it yet. And Deanna with one of her final breaths is trying to get that through to his soul.
Tara and Rosita take aim, but don't shoot
Tara and Rosita take aim, but don't shoot

Next up Gimple addressed an issue that I personally had with episode 8, 'Start to Finish' -- why didn't Tara or Rosita take that damn shot at the Wolf?! Well, according to the showrunner the pair were erring on the side of caution:

Well, in my mind, I would say that’s being pretty responsible. I think Rosita had, like, an 80 percent chance of making that shot with everything going okay. And she was like, “You know what? I’m not going to play with the 20 percent here. There’s a chance I might shoot Denise in the face.” Or that he might be able to hurt her. For Tara, I don’t know if she would have gotten him either. I know that she probably wasn’t 100 percent sure. I do not blame them. If you have a risk of shooting someone in the face that you love or even like or don’t even know, I don’t blame them for erring on the side of caution at all.

Well fine, I guess that's actually a pretty good reason not to go for the shot, right?

Negan's Saviors, revealed!
Negan's Saviors, revealed!

Next up, Scott gave some hints for The Walking Dead comic book readers, saying that when it comes to the Saviors, who were introduced in a prologue scene following the conclusion of the mid-season finale. In terms of the Saviors storylines Gimple promises "a lot of moments directly out of the book" will be seen on TV, but also "some really cool expansions of the comic story" which is an exciting possibility. Of course the TV series is also known to add its own twist on the comics, and Gimple also mentions that the show will do "some hard left turns from the comic story" but promised that they "do eventually wind up with a lot of very familiar small scenes... and big scenes from the book."

Finally he gave us some hints about the timeframe we might see in the second half of Season 6 (Season 6b). After the entirety of the first half of Season 6 was spread over the course of around 24 hours, Gimple said that Season 6b "accelerates quite a bit" and that there are "some big [time] jumps." As exciting as that seems, that's about all that Scott Gimple had to give us about the second half of the season, and unfortunately we know have to somehow make it through until February until the show returns!

'The Walking Dead' returns with the mid-season premiere on February 14, 2016

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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