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It's amazing what a dollar can buy you: a tooth brush, a bar of chocolate or a personalized iconic performance by Julianne Moore from one of her award winning movies.

The Magnolia star was an absolute boss in her segment on Billy On The Street hosted by Billy Eichner.

In the 5 minute clip, the Academy Award winner and Billy were running around Times Square like a pair of mischievous pre-teens, ambushing tourists and causing havoc. The startled pedestrians were asked for a dollar in return for Moore to perform iconic moments in her movie career such as her breakdown in Magnolia.

First up was Julianne's monologue in The Kids Are All Right, after which Julianne cheekily added that she did not even get a nomination for that performance.

Next up was her crazy Magnolia meltdown. What I found particularly funny about this one was the incredibly confused woman in the background who appears not to understand what is going on at all.

The next stint involved Julianne asking an international tourist, who did not seem to speak English very well or know who the actress was ("famous woman?"), if she could cry on cue for him.

Julianne starts breaking into tears, while Billy encourages the tourist to hug her. You can't help but feel sorry for that guy who has no idea what was going on.

The Still Alice star then does a performance from The Big Lebowski and when asked where the dollar is going to, Billy cheekily chimes in "Julianne's bank account."

The segment ends with the double act running up to a group of people who are crowding around a Spider-Man impersonator. Billy immediately tries to divert the group's attention over to the wonderful Julianne which proves a success.

Julianne, Billy and the tourists all look into the camera at the end and shout "f*ck you Spider-Man."

Check out the original scene from Magnolia below!


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