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If there's one thing I love it's cosplay. I also love Pokémon and warriors, so when I saw warrior Pokémon cosplay I just had to catch'em all.

1. Pikachu by SpiritRising7

Pikachu? More like Pikachampion! This detailed cosplay by SpiritRising7 is incredible.

2. Mega Charizard X by Elreca

A Mega Charizard X... in heels! Honestly, what more do you want in life. Elreca did a great job with this cosplay.

3. Leafeon by Halatirno Cosplay

Leafeon is one of my favorite Pokémon, so when I saw this by Halatirno Cosplay my jaw dropped.

4. Meowth by JenniferCosplay

A bloody Meowth covered in scars wielding a huge sickle? Count me in! Well done JenniferCosplay.

5. Cubone by Hendo Art

I loved this cosplay by Hendo Art so much I just had to use one of the photos as the header for this article. Incredible!

6. Scizor by SisuSquid

This cosplay by SisuSquid really shows how badass Scizor is. Just look at that gun!

7. Umbreon by SpritRising7

A sci-fi Umbreon battle suit that lights up? This is even better than your Pikachu cosplay SpiritRising7!

8. Scyther by TerminaCosplay

I gotta say, Scyther has never looked better than this, TerminaCosplay did a great job with the costume.

9. Wartortle by Kitsune Kid

This list definitely needed more swords, so to complete it we have this fantastic Wartortle cosplay by Kitsune Kid.

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