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In the wake of my 'Legends of Today' recap I decided some special attention needs to be payed to the drug known as Velocity 6. In the Flash-Arrow crossover episode, the drug was invented by Harrison Wells, with some last minute assistance from Caitlin.

The pair then recruited Jay Garrick, a.k.a. the de-powered Flash from Earth 2, to test the drug which would temporarily restore his connection to the speed force. Garrick refused outright, supposedly distrustful of his rival, Harrison. However, it also seemed like Garrick was concerned about accepting a temporary solution to his lack of speed.

Formerly the fastest man alive from Earth 2, Jay Garrick lost his speed in a battle with the super-villain, Zoom, and has adjusted poorly to his new life. Will Velocity 6 be Garrick's solution to regaining some semblance of his superhero lifestyle?

If you follow the Flash comic books you'll know that Velocity 6 is based on the drug Velocity 9, which granted a temporary speed high to non-speedsters and is used by Johnny and Jesse Quick as a means of gaining super-speed.

If used regularly the drug has extremely negative effects, such as premature aging, so it'll be interesting to see how the show uses Velocity 6 in the future.

Teddy Sears and Andrew Kreisberg discuss Velocity 6

During a screening of 'Legends of Today,' writer and producer Andrew Kreisberg discussed Velocity 6.

"If you're a fan of the comics, you know that a big part is 'Velocity 9,' and today you met 'Velocity 6.'
It's safe to say that there will be a few more iterations of that formula. How it plays out, and how it works, and who uses it, and the effects that it has, that's something you'll have to watch."

So it's clear we'll be seeing more Velocity 6 in the future. Does this explain how Harrison Wells's daughter Jesse Quick will gain her superpowers?

Moreover, will a later iteration of the drug be used to restore Jay Garrick to his former glory?

Jay Garrick actor Teddy Sears also joined the discussion.

"I think Jay shows up with this struggle with, 'Who am I now that I'm not this guy?'
"This guy that was able to do a lot of good when he had the Speed Force. He's wrestling with his identity in a way, and adapting to life without it.
He's not jonesing for a fix or anything, but he's aware of what potential Velocity 6 has on his life, but he's also very clear about, 'I don't want to go down that path.' But I think like anyone who has seen the other side, there are haunting memories of what could have been."

Now that Velocity 6 is in The Flash there exists a convenient plot point through which non-speedsters or former speedsters could join team-Flash. We already know we're getting Jesse Quick and Kid Flash, could this explain how?



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