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Even country superstars need to plan out their holidays ahead of time!

For Carrie Underwood, this year's Christmas is extra special because it's her first one as a mom. Back in February, Carrie and husband Mike Fisher welcomed their son Isaiah into the world, and now they finally get a chance to spend a holiday with him.

Carrie has some specific ideas for what she wants to get out of her family's first festive occasion, and it definitely doesn't involve an excessive amount of gifts.

It's Isaiah's first Christmas, and Carrie wants it to be all about family

You might think that the son of a hockey player and world renowned singer would be rolling in presents, but both Carrie and Mike are determined to make the holiday more about values and less about things. She spoke to People magazine about her plans:

"I feel there's a lot of Christmas that has kind of gotten lost. [Mike and I] have talked about not wanting to spoil our kids. We want it to be more about the family and the fun times."

She has a point. The spirit of generosity and togetherness that makes Christmas so special is often overshadowed by the next must-have item or the need to spend. It's refreshing to see celebrities find more significance in their families.

Something tells me that even without a mountain of presents, 9-month-old Isaiah is going to have the best Christmas ever. Considering he's not even a year old, he's got nothing to compare it to!

(Source: People)


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