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Now, with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens now only a little more than two weeks away from hitting the big screen (and engulfing our hearts in geekery-infused joy), it's not all that surprising that industry analysts are beginning to get seriously excited about the potential box office implications of the movie's arrival.

After all, with The Force Awakens already breaking pre-sale records the world over, there's a pretty solid chance that we're set to hear the shattering of a whole lot of similar box office records over the coming months. According to THR, though, we might just be set to see something huge. Specifically:

'Episode VII' Is Being Projected to Make $3.5 Billion Internationally

Yup, that's right. $3.5 billion, a total larger than the GDP of most Caribbean nations, and a solid $700 million more than the current box office record-holder, Avatar.

According to Barton Crockett – a magnificently monikered analyst at FBR & Co, an investment banking firm – Episode VII could well benefit from a huge opening weekend, as well as a sparsely populated marketplace in December. As he puts it:

"Our base assumption remains that Force Awakens has $730 million domestic box office, ranking just behind Avatar's all-time record of $761 million...However, current tracking argues for a December 18 opening weekend at the $200 million level (we assume $185 million), 2.5 times Avatar's $77 million on a comparable weekend in 2009 and similarly above the December record $85 million opening for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 2012. Big December movies typically earn nearly five times opening weekend in total domestic box, suggesting Force could fetch nearly $1 billion in domestic box over its total run."

Which, when added to a likely international box office haul of roughly 2.5 times that, could well add up to a grand total of $3.5 billion.

The most astonishing thing about that?

'Episode VII' Could Make a $2.7 Billion Profit

Even including the colossal media blitz that Disney is currently splashing the cash on, a box office haul around the levels Crockett discusses would likely leave Disney with the best part of $3 billion in profit.

Which is insane.

Now, of course, Crockett also offers up a less optimistic possibility or two, with his base-line prediction for the film 'only' giving it a $2.7 billion haul, with a $1.9 billion profit. Which, let's be honest, is still an absolutely ridiculous amount of money.

In other words? Even if Episode VII falters at the box office, and 'only' reaches the lower expectations of matching Avatar as the biggest release of all time, it's likely to blow everything else away for months to come.

The only question now? Will it shoot first?

What do you think, though?

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