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Potential spoilers lie ahead! Then again, why are you here if you haven't watched 'Star Wars'? Go do that now!

We all have occasions where we want to sit back, relax and enjoy one, or all, 6 Star Wars movies, but who has the time? You have to clear a whole day if you choose to watch the iconic movies back-to-back, and what order do you watch them in to really tell the story: chronological, order of production, machete order?

We're now on our final approach to the release of Star Wars IIV: The Force Awakens and I'm sure plenty of us could do with a catch-up before watching the 7th iteration.

Well, you're in luck! Thanks to 'eclecticmethod' we can now watch all six movies in just three minutes, not by simply showing the best scenes, but by displaying the most important moments throughout the six iconic films.

I was dubious, but after watching the video end-to-end, it's actually won over over! The six narratives are broken down carefully and succinctly! Perfect for any of us too busy to watch from A New Hope through to Revenge of the Sith.

Video breakdown

The 3 minute slice of Star Wars begins with a young Anikan Skywalker (Jake Lloyd) introducing himself, after which Liam Neesen, a.k.a. Qui Gon Jinn sits down to dinner with Star Wars's answer to He-Who-Shall-Not-Be Named.

The video then reintroduces us to several moments from the original trilogy, all trimmed-down to their most basic elements, including the death of Qui Gon. Damn... right in the feels.

It really is surprising how fast you can recount the Star Wars saga after stripping the bells and whistles.

Mace Windu's dead, Anikan's volcano food... but the video ignores the younglings!

The mini Star Wars recap them moves on to the most iconic trilogy in the history of science fiction, showing us the moments that made us adore the very concept of space-based shenanigans.

Some of the most iconic scenes from science fiction cinema are condensed into just a few seconds as they drift by leaving the story in tact.

Splash in a little "who's your father," lose a hand, go to the Dagobah system, blow up the Death Star and boom, we're done!

Wasn't that a lovely experience? Now are we all caught up for Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

The seventh rendition of Star Wars is set to be released on December 18th! Directed by J.J. Abrams, it's set up to be an incredible launch to the new trilogy; do you have your ticket?


What do you think of the three minute summary of the Star Wars saga?

(Source: Eclecticmethod.)


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