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(Warning - if you love both The Avengers and video games, the following may make you fundamentally sad for a moment or two. Sorry about that...)

Now, for an all-conquering movie franchise based on a beloved series of comic-books, there have been a strikingly small number of video game adaptations featuring The Avengers. Now, sure, the early 90's saw the surprisingly memorable side-scroller Captain America and The Avengers (look it up, it's glorious), and many of our favorite heroes have turned up in more generally Marvel-themed games, but there has, in general, been a shocking lack of games directly based on The Avengers movie franchise.

Now, thankfully, Early 2016 is set to see the arrival of an excellent-looking Lego-themed adaptation of the movies, but we actually almost saw a major Avengers-themed video game a few years back. The only problem?

The Avengers Video Game We Almost Saw Was Cruelly Cancelled Halfway Through Production

Yup, that's right. A few years back, THQ was actually developing a major Avengers game, complete with a script written by acclaimed Avengers comic-book scribe Brian Michael Bendis, and a seriously unique approach. As Bendis himself put it, in an interview with Game Informer Magazine:

"It was a point of view game, which was different than most super hero games, but you could play the game from the POV of Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, and you could play the game co-op with four of your friends, so you could build an Avengers team and unlock players."

With a story-line based on Bendis' own Secret Invasion, and featuring cameo appearances from the fan-favorite likes of Captain Marvel, the game looked set to be about as geek-friendly an offering as we're ever likely to see - and yet we're never going to get the chance to play it.

The problem, y'see, is that financial difficulties over at THQ, combined with the value of the Australian dollar, resulted in the project being completely abandoned at an advanced - but incomplete - stage. With the most recent generation of consoles arriving soon after, the (PS3 and Xbox 360-era) game was unable to find a new home, and has since faded into obscurity.

Until now, that is.

We Finally Have a Proper Look at THQ's Cancelled Avengers Game

That's right - thanks to Unseen64 and DidYouKnowGaming, we can now take a detailed and wide-ranging look at just what the game would have looked like, accompanied by an exhaustive examination of just what it would have featured.

After which I'd wager most fans out there will join me in echoing Bendis' own feelings on the game's failure to see the light of day:

The one game that haunts me is that I was writing the Avengers game - the THQ game that got canceled...I have a copy of it at the house, and it was a great looking game. It was a fully immersed Avengers game and the world will never see it."

Now, while I would obviously never in any way advocate the sneaky leaking of a video game onto the internet - especially one likely so entangled in legal issues as this one - but boy howdy, it's a tough thing not to wish for in this case...

What do you reckon, though?

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