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A decade after his brutal murder, the paintings of Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński continue to captivate and haunt the world. These incredible images look like concept art for the coolest horror movies...

Zdzisław Beksiński
Zdzisław Beksiński

Born in Sanok, southern Poland, 1929, Beksiński was a self taught painter, photographer and sculptor. Before discovering his love or art, he studied architecture and went on to work as a construction supervisor in Krakow which he apparently hated.

He eventually embraced his love of painting but remained unknown as an artist for many years because he had no interest in organizing exhibitions to showcase his phenomenal work.

“I wish to paint in such a manner as if I were photographing dreams”

It wasn't until 1984 when the artist established a business relationship with Parisian art dealer Piotr Dmochowski, that his work was promoted and he started gaining international recognition.

Beksiński's signature style incorporated a surrealistic, post-apocalyptic environment with disturbing and intricate scenes of death.

“What matters is what appears in your soul, not what your eyes see and what you can name”

Although the confronting nature of his work almost calls for the viewer to decipher it's meaning, the artist showed little interest in over analyzing his work, and refused to name his paintings to avoid any metaphorical interpretation.

"I cannot conceive of a sensible statement on painting"

The late 90s brought tragedy for the artist with his wife dying in 1998 and his only son committing suicide just one year later.

In February 2005, Beksiński was brutally stabbed to death in his home in Warsaw by a 19-year-old acquaintance that he refused to lend money.

“What matters is what appears in your soul, not what your eyes see and what you can name”

Below is the last work the artist ever painted, completed on the day he died.

To see the work of this brillant artist for yourself, you'll need to make a trip to Częstochowa in Poland. The Zdzisław Beksiński Gallery houses a collection of 50 paints and drawing for you to feast your eyes on.

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