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One of the only movies that has ever made The Power Rangers look totally sane and normal, The Guyver has managed to bury itself in our collective childhood subconscious, but how many stars do you remember from this '90s superhero movie?

Below is a quick visual update on the actors from the bizarre science fiction, manga-based romp, but the big question is, do you remember Mark Hamill as this grotesque slimy humanoid bug? I certainly didn't!

Jack Armstrong as Sean Barker/The Guyver

Age Now: 57

Best Guyver Quote/Fact: The whole of the scene below is a winner for me!

Jimmie Walker as Striker

Age Now: 68

Best Guyver Quote/Fact: "I've been lookin' high, I've been lookin' low / For the Guyvin' jivin' thing to show / And now this punk's become a hunk / When all along he's had the soul / Well, let me just tell you one thang / I'm gonna boot that thing with the Guyver name / I'm gonna make you crawl and gonna make you sing / 'Cause I want that Guyvin' jivin' thing / Boyee."

Mark Hamill as Max Reed

Age Now: 64

Best Guyver Quote/Fact: "Just one thing. I mean, what the hell's a scientist doing in the middle of the night walking down a concrete riverbed in his lab coat? Fishing?"

Vivian Wu as Mizuki Segawa

Age Now: 49

Best Guyver Quote/Fact: In the anime, Segawa is a high school student but they decided to make her a college student in the movie.

Michael Berryman as Lisker

Age Now: 67

Best Guyver Quote/Fact: In the anime, Lisker is a vain, attractive dude but the movie went for an entirely different approach.

Linnea Quigley as Scream Queen

Age Now: 57

Best Guyver Quote/Fact: "AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Jeffery Coombes as Dr. East

Age Now: Unknown

Best Guyver Quote/Fact: Jeffery Coombes starred in The Re-Animator before appearing in The Guyver.


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