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Agents of SHIELD Season 3 picks up the pace as we rocket towards the mid-Season hiatus, plunging Coulson into a vengeance war with Ward. Season 3 episode 9, 'Closure', saw Malick send Ward, Fitz, and a HYDRA team through the portal to the mysterious blue planet. Their mission: to bring back that infamous Inhuman or die/get stuck trying.

There's only one episode to go before the break, and the [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) writers are aligning all the pieces for that game-changing plot twist we've been promised (more on that later). Obviously, the question on everyone's minds is "just who is the Inhuman HYDRA want?" And thanks to this hint, we have an idea of who that might be...

Big Bad Inhuman

This hint happens towards the end of the episode. The tension's building, with Malick preparing to send a team through the portal.

Jemma alone on the blue planet.
Jemma alone on the blue planet.

He asks Jemma if she has anything to say about the mission, and she delivers this warning...

"Anyone who goes to that planet will die. That thing on the other side drives people mad!"

Jemma is obviously referring to how Will Daniels's NASA teammates were slowly driven mad by the entity on the blue planet in the years they were stranded. Will managed to resist whatever influence the Inhuman had, so it was easy to assume his team mates were driven mad from constant threat of being killed. But now that we know the entity is an Inhuman, it's possible that the creature might actually have mind-affecting powers!

Combine that with Jemma using the word "mad" (instead of insane), and this might be a big clue that the Inhuman is...

Maximus The Mad!

Maximus in the Marvel comics.
Maximus in the Marvel comics.

Without delving too much into Marvel comic history, Maximus is the brother of Black Bolt. Both characters are members of the Inhuman royal family, which lines up nicely with Malick's comments from the previous episode.

From what Malick told Ward, we know that the Inhuman is very dangerous, and was exiled by their own kin. Crucially, Malick said the Inhuman was destined to rule, which implies that they could be part of the Inhuman royal family. And if HYDRA still think the Inhuman is alive after all these years, they must be immortal.

So far so good. But what makes us really think Maximus is the Inhuman in question, is the fact that Jemma claimed they could drive people mad. Maximus has mind-altering abilities. He can control people, create amnesia, and uses hallucinations and visions to manipulate his victims.

Mad Max(imus)
Mad Max(imus)

Of course, there are still plenty of other Inhumans for the Agents of SHIELD writers can choose from, but so far Maximus makes a lot of sense. And that's not the only plot hints we had this episode!

Secret Warriors, Assemble!

As Coulson went rogue and hunted down Ward, Daisy and her Inhuman team mates got the go-ahead from Mack to infiltrate the HYDRA facility. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see their mission happen (this might be left until next episode), but it's still a step in the direction of Daisy forming her own team of super-powered agents, the Secret Warriors.

This team was teased in a poster for Season 3, and the writers have confirmed that assembling the Secret Warriors is a goal for the Season. Here's hoping that after the hiatus we get to see Daisy lead the Warriors on new missions!

Daisy Johnson & the Secret Warriors
Daisy Johnson & the Secret Warriors

Of course, that's if they survive the big plot twist that's coming next episode... Earlier in November, Brett Dalton (Ward) hinted to IGN that the mid-season finale would feature a "Winter Soldier level twist".

Dalton also hinted that we could find the plot twist in the comics, saying he was surprised the writers "went there" in the Agents of SHIELD storyline. Considering the comics are stuffed full of big twists, it's difficult to predict which one the SHIELD writers will use. Intriguing!

Do you know what the twist might be? And who do you think the Inhuman will be? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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