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On the release date of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, we can all expect to interact with a very different version of an acclaimed classic. Square Enix have a rather challenging balancing act ahead of them. On one hand, they need to remain faithful to the source material - we don't want to see massive changes made to the narrative for instance, and the dark tone of the original should in no way be compromised for a more a commercial one.

On the other hand, there have been significant developments in this art form since 1997, and Square Enix will assuredly want to modernize the product in order to entice new players to experience the ultimate version of Final Fantasy 7. Therefore, could the process of modernizing this title see one of its chore gameplay features altered for a modern audience?

Should Turn-Based Gameplay Remain in The Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy has undergone massive changes since its humble beginnings. You need only take a look at what Square Enix are trying to accomplish with Final Fantasy 15 to understand how deep these updates really go. It's clear that this developer is trying to cater to the the desires of Japan and the west.

Therefore, we've seen the original turn-based combat system of the Final Fantasy series slowly amalgamate with the more traditional gameplay mechanics of the west - we've even seen their over-worlds adopt more westernized forms of RPG game design.

But is this something that should happen to Final Fantasy 7? Will you really be experiencing the original if the Final Fantasy 7 remake has a combat system akin to that of Final Fantasy 15?

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7

We can't deny it; the battle system for Final Fantasy 7 needs work. If it's going to stay turn-based for the remake's release date, then Square Enix are going to have to remove some awful features, and include more fluid and modern designs. But simply updating the battle system isn't going to negatively impact on the experience of playing Final Fantasy 7.

If you recall playing this masterpiece when it was originally released, you'll no doubt remember how fluid and easy it was to play. For its time, Final Fantasy 7 had a fantastic battle system; one that made the game a pleasure to engage with. If its gameplay is modernized in order to give a new generation that same sense of pleasure and ease, then Square Enix have done their job. But change it too much, and you lose the devoted fanbase who adored the game to begin with.

What Do You Desire For Its Release Date?

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7

I firmly believe that Square Enix need to ensure that the Final Fantasy 7 remake keeps its turn-based battle system. It certainly needs work, but including gameplay mechanics that we see in the likes of Final Fantasy 15 isn't going to please fans, and won't deliver new players the true Final Fantasy 7 experience. Have an opinion? Let us know in the comments!


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