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Though I haven't read many comics, I am a fan of comic books, comic book movies and comic tv shows. I came to right about movie theories.
Jarrett Leonard

This Monday, a teaser for Batman v Superman came with the mid-season finale of Gotham, and fans have been speculating on what the scene could possibly be. Some have said that it's Bizarro that's chained up Batman (but I think if it was Bizarro, he would have the backwards S), while some others have said that it's Lex Luthor controlling Superman and getting him to find out who The Dark Knight is. Well I'm here to say that none of it is true and that what's actually happening is all fake and that's due to this picture of a toy that was revealed.

Notice the name of the Bat-Suit. KNIGHTMARE BATMAN. Yes people, the scene is nothing but a simple nightmare that Batman is having. Also, early 2014, it was revealed that there would be a dream sequence in the film, which with this toy tells that what we saw in the teaser, is the dream sequence we all heard about.

I put the teaser in for those of you who haven't seen it yet.


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