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Hey, Jeff how are you doing?

I'm good, thank you.

So the first think i want to ask you is about the opening credits, i see a lot of edits on youtube, some rumors. So did the opening credits change for season 5B?

I can say that maybe Ryan Kelley, Cody Christian and Victoria Moroles are joining the Teen Wolf opening credits, 3 more things might happen in the opening credits, you might see a coyote and a wolf pop up and la bete at the end.

Coyote after Malia, Wolf after Theo?

That's obvious i guess haha.

So what are u going to do with that, new theme song? Or just the same?

The same song, always, haha. But 1 more thing might change, Dylan O'Brien's opening. I can't say what we might do. But i would love to see some edits and maybe pick an idea from that.

Okay, so what about The Hellhound, we'll he become like a full dog thing, a full hellhound?

Maybe, i can't say to much about that.

What about Liam, will he kill?

I think we'll see someone kill, but i can't say who, it might be Malia, it might be Liam, it might even be Lydia.

Is it someone of the main cast?

Yes, it's someone of the main cast.

Can you confirm all the people that are coming back?

No, i can't, Chris Argent is back, Braeden, Brett, Gerard, Deucalion, Coach Bobby they are all back. But i can't say who more is coming back.

Is someone coming back in Episode 1?

Yes, one of the people i named will be in Episode 1 or 2.

Are we getting a 2 Episode premiere?

No. Not this time.

Will Isaac come back?

Hahaha, I answered that question a lot, people always want Isaac or Jackson back. I can say that for now Derek isn't back, or he might be a surprise. But I just don't want people to hope too much. Jackson might be back in Season 6 or 7. I don't know if he wants to. Because I would love to finish his story line and like having him in a crazy fight. Isaac, I want him back, I do, if he's back now, I can't say. But he might be in the last episodes. He might, I can't say he is, because he maybe isn't. But I think I can say I'm talking with him for season 6.

But again as a recurring role?

No, i want him back as a regular. Main cast. Because i might get a 2 season deal if Season 5 gets more than a total of 1.35 million views. Then i need him back. There will be something that leads him back. It's about Scott and Argent. I won't know about Jackson, cause i can do it differently. But if i do this 2 year deal, i need Jackson, Isaac and Brett in the cast. Because i might need Brett for Mason. They won't be in the main cast yet. Because this will still be in senior year and vacation after senior year. Starting with bringing Isaac back because something happened. Jackson would be back because of something too, his parents killers, i could also do it with Peter, Derek, Ethan. But Jackson would be the best. Bringing them to the pack, would be a dream come true. That would be the best 2 seasons of Teen Wolf.

So with Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Jackson, Kira, Malia, Liam, Theo, Isaac, Hayden and Parrish we might have the main cast for season 6?

We might, but Theo, Hayden, Parrish, Malia, Kira or Lydia can still die.

So they aren't confirmed yet.

I can say we already know who's back, maybe everyone, maybe not. But for now only Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Dylan Sprayberry, Cody Saintgnue and Mama McCall are confirmed for season 6.

Talking about something, can Teen Wolf ever crossover with another show?

No, only if we have spin offs.

So a spin off might happen?

Yes, but maybe not now.

So you said you would love to do 200 Episode, 2 or 3 movies and what else would you like?

I would like to start a new show with Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Ryan Kelley, Dylan Sprayberry, Cody Saintgnue, Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman and other people, but i would really like those people, i would also like to do another TV Show or Movie with Tyler Posey, a comedy movie with Romance and Adventur.

The Comedy movie and a new TV Show, the new TV Show with Supernatural things?

I can't say anything about that, because i don't even know. haha.

So if we want to know something we have to tune in for Season 5B and for sure we have to see some cool edits for the potential Teen Wolf season 5B opening credits?

Yes, and i will be watching those edits haha.


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