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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Monopoly is a game that tends to cause a few arguments within my rather competitive family, but all of that could be transfigured into peaceful, loving harmony with this magical Harry Potter Monopoly set! In the absence of a real, bewitched set of Wizard Chess, Monopoly is a pretty great alternative...

Supreme Imgur Mugwump Funkblast has shared this amazing template set to create your own Harry Potter Monopoly... and it won't even cost you a single bronze Knut!

I'm actually such a massive Harry Potter nerd that I'm going to print out the component parts and create a set for my mom for Christmas (and hope she doesn't read this article and spoil the surprise)!

Each piece of the set is lovingly designed with some knowledgable in-world humor to tickle Potter fans who love a bit of vicious capitalism in the post-food Christmas Day lull...

The Cupboard Under the Stairs and the Shrieking Shack are the cheapest properties on the board, while the priciest pad is Dumbledore's office at $400 (although you may prefer to haggle in Galleons rather than dollars).

Rather than including plain old Muggle stations, the transport cards include the Hogwarts Express, the Durmstrang Ship, the Weasley Flying Car and the Knight Bus.

The jail options are obvious; I bet you can't wait to send your relatives off for a festive trip to Azkaban!

The easiest way to create this game yourself is probably to pick up an old copy of Monopoly from a thrift store and glue on the print-outs. For decent resolution and print-sized formats of every piece necessary:

Click here for Printable Harry Potter Monopoly!

Source: Imgur, Youtube


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