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Now, I've seen strange coincidences before, and I've seen crazy things happen, and I've even seen elephants fly.

But one crazy thing I found out is even stranger than any of them! Any fans of insane TV show American Horror Story will remember that in the third season, based around a coven of witches, there was a house. Not just any house though, it was the home of Madame Delphine LaLaurie, who was well known for her many mutilations and killings of her black servants.

Yes, of course. But there's something I found out recently which made me even more terrified of this part in the show. That house, and that woman, are both real!

You can find out more about the true tale of Madame LaLaurie here, but there is something even more fascinating about this tale!

You see, the LaLaurie house is still standing in New Orleans today, and the craziest part about that is that the house was owned several years ago by... wait for it... NICOLAS CAGE!

That's right! The LaLaurie house, abandoned for many years and believed to be "The Most Haunted House In America" was the place Nicolas Cage called home between 2007 and 2009. Of course, the actor made $40 million in 2007, and owned multiple other homes, but nevertheless, doesn't this help explain why he's just a little... insane?

Despite not owning the house anymore, Cage is clearly still feeling the effects of the horrors that occurred there, and all of the strange things he does are really just a cry for help. You could argue that he saw sense in selling the house, but as it turns out, it's really just because of tax problems.

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Also, if you want to read more about the creepy history of the real life LaLaurie house, click here!


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