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We've all been there... clutching the pillow so hard your knuckles start to turn white. Screaming obscenities as the screen, hoping... praying even, for a resolution. Some characters are so frustrating they almost make you resort to switching the film off (almost). But which characters cause the most frustration within the film community? Here is my opinion...

1. Lex and Tim Murphy, 'Jurrasic Park' 1993

Lets be honest here, it was disappointing the T-Rex never finished the job. Yes, they are children and vulnerable characters, and meant to represent innocence and the notion of family etc, etc... But did they have to be so incredibly annoying?!?! It was the facial expressions, the screaming, the smugness and their inability to function like normal human beings! And the random computer hacking at the end? Please, I'd rather they were raptor chow.

2. Cinderella, 'Cinderella' 2015

When this film came out I'll admit I had high hopes. Disney seemed to finally be getting on the feminist band wagon. However this interpretation of the classical fairy tale might have just thrown us back to the dark ages, where the classic Disney princesses (including the original Cinderella) belong. From her pathetic personal motto 'Have courage and be kind' to her astounding ability to take her step-mother and step-sisters shit non-stop, Cinderella is a continuously frustrating character. I personally prefer my heroines to have a bit more spunk to them, rather then employ the 'lay down and take it' tactic. On top of that she relied on the Prince to save her?!? What year is this, 1950???

3. Sacha, 'Enemy at the Gates' 2001

Now this is a character who really rattles my cage. Along with his continuous snotty nose, Sacha swaps allegiances like its going out of fashion, a stereotypical snitch. Giving information to the enemy about our heroes location, for the price of a few bars of chocolate. Now for those who haven't seen this film I wont spoil the ending, but all I'll say is the term 'poetic justice' is applied well here.

4. Paris, 'Troy' 2004

A Prince who puts his whole country in danger for a bit of fun between the sheets, is never going to be the most respected of characters. However, Paris also happens to be the worlds biggest coward. In contrast with Hector the heroic, Paris is an infuriating character to watch in a fight. When challenging Menelaus for the right for Helen, an 8-year-old girl would have been more intimidating. Crawling back to his brother in the dirt on his hands and knees, I couldn't help but shout the same thing as King Priam "Fight him son, fight him!"

5. Frodo, 'The Lord of the Rings' 2001-2003

Now, in the three Lord of the Rings movies, when has Frodo ever saved himself? Truly? I feel like the in the majority of the films we are watching him being saved from a disaster, he originally created. If it weren't for the fellowship, Frodo's tale would have been an incredibly short one. Lets not forget Samwise, who LITERALLY carried Frodo on the end part of his journey. Yes, I know he was dealing with an omnipresence of evil, but did he have to be so damn pathetic about the whole thing? Also if it weren't for Gollum actually biting of Frodo's finger, he never would have gotten rid of the ring. Essentially, Frodo is like that annoying person you always got in the group project for school. You know the one, he does none of the work but gets all of the credit.

6. Bella, 'Twilight' 2008-2012

Again, another character who can't help but get herself into trouble, and relies on the powers of others to clean up her mess. Until Bella becomes a vampire (sorry, obvious spoiler alert), her role in the films is essentially non-existent. All she does is reflect the danger or abilities of the other characters. Also, when she puts her life in danger just to see a hallucinatory image of Edward... more then once... whats that even about?!?!

Honorable mentions

  • Jar-Jar Binks, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 1999
  • Willie Scott & Short Round, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984

Feel like I've missed any out? Comments very much welcome.


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