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For me and my friends, this holiday season has us questioning between a few different games to ask our parental units for. The big divide amongst my friends has been whether to pick Star Wars: Battlefront or Fallout 4. And it's a reasonable question as to which one is the better option. So after a good amount of debate and collection of facts, I'm here to tell you about these equally awesome games and what I suggest you go with.

First up, one of the more important factors: price

Fallout 4: Anywhere from $40-$60 for just the game itself.

Star Wars Battlefront: $60, for the standard pack. Another $50 for the season pass allowing you an additional 4 maps.

Fallout 4 has been out a little longer than Battlefront and gives gamers the option to buy it used which significantly drops the price. But these prices are based on in store and online store prices. Depending on where you choose to buy from (Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop), it could fluctuate. If you don't got a lot of cash on you, go for Fallout. If you don't mind dropping upwards of $100 to get a game with all of its available features, then you should choose Battlefront.

Next up, gameplay

Fallout 4: is an RPG game with an open world map and no set way to play it. An FPS game with accessible skills and a plot you make up as you go along, this game will result in hours and hours of playtime. And I'm not just talking about the infinite possibilities surrounding the ability to customize your character.

Battlefront: is an FPS MMO game with no campaign to play through. There will be hours of gameplay to this one, but it will be spent more by the type of people who can sit for hours playing COD or Battlefield as opposed to the original Battlefront fanbase. Gamers can play solo or do a split-screen for co-op mode, but split-screen will not transfer over into online mode. With only 12 maps available at its launch, Battlefront will get boring to the average gamer rather quickly.

The decision here will be more what you're looking for in a game. If you want to play an FPS game with a character that looks just like you or looks just like Nigel Thornberry for hours on end, Fallout 4 is your game. If you're a die hard COD fan and own every single installment but also like to change things up and love Star Wars, Battlefront is for you. If you want to fight irradiated creatures and humans in a wasteland environment and build towns and do other awesomeness, Fallout is what you want. If you want to be Darth Vader and fight Luke Skywalker, or hop in an X-Wing and destroy as many TIE fighters as possible, Battlefront is what you want.

Lastly, Reception amongst fans and critics

Fallout: Metacritic gave Fallout 4 an 87. Gamespot gave it a 9/10. And Trusted Review gave it an 8/10. Critics are eating this up and giving it high marks. Fans, however, have something else to say. While most agree it's a good game with good gameplay and an entertaining enough plot, many are angry with the map size and prefer Fallout 3 to Fallout 4. There's also a complaint with console gamers on the frame rate of the game in certain areas of the game. Others, however, don't let what's come before affect their view of the game and love it for what it is, and it is truly fantastic.

Battlefront: Metacritic gave it a 72. Gamespot gave it a 7/10. And Trusted Reviews also gave it a 7/10. Battlefront was rocked by fans saying that it was only a higher definition version of the original without a campaign mode. It's been said by a few people that if you're not a hardcore fan, it's not worth it. And there are even some hardcore fans who don't find the game to be worth it. Especially if you have the originals. There are others still that praise it for beautifully crafting the world of Star Wars in a videogame as well as being able to show us things we never saw before in any Star Wars iteration.

That's not to say there aren't people who are overjoyed with what they got when they bought either game. The fan reception comes down to the fact that some people didn't get what they expected or wanted out of the game. And that's fine. But there are other people who didn't get hung up on the little things and still enjoy both games.

So which should you pick?

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you want and your budget. With holidays around the corner, you can bank on someone in your family buying the game for you so that you can just buy the other yourself. But the choice is still going to be made somewhere along the line.

I'd suggest Fallout 4 over Star Wars: Battlefront for the fact that you'll get more bang for your buck. There's a more interesting gameplay, a campaign mode, and fewer DLCs to pay for the rest of the game (because when you buy Fallout 4 you get the entire game). You will be putting more hours into this game and it will cost less. But that's just my opinion.


Which game will you pick?

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