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This is nothing more than a theory, but I would love to hear your two cents on this in the comments. There are SPOILERS from Marvel Cinematic films that have already been theatrically released.

I know we are several months away from [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) and we still have to get through Star Wars, Deadpool, & Batman v Superman before we can really buckle down for this film. Having said that, we all watched, re-watched, and shared this Trailer and there is something we can all agree on. It was a well-crafted trailer and we are incredibly excited about it. There is no doubt in my mind that the film may split us on opposing sides, but we will be mostly in agreement that the film will be great (in theory).

Upon watching the trailer, hearing all the news to come out of this film, and having been a huge fan of all the films so far, there is one thing I wanted to discuss via the MoviePilot avenue:

- How can this film have "War" in the title and not have someone die?

Now I know, this is a touchy subject for some, but it is a multi-faceted conversation. Lets Look at the options of who might kick it in this film:

Honourable Mention: Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man

Vision has an Infinity Stone in his head, he's gotta be in the INFINITY WAR. Ant-Man has a solo film coming out in 2018. Scarlet Witch needs to be developed more and will probably have a relatively minor role in this film as will Vision. Ant-Man will probably have a slightly larger role in the film because his film was directly before this one, and he will probably play into the film's narrative because he was a criminal, given powers and was ultimately, able to do whatever he wanted without oversight. The reason I don't include them in the next category is because these characters are all in Appearance # 2 in this Franchise.

Not gonna happen: Black Panther & Spider-Man

Need i say more? It's their first outing in the Marvel Cinematic universe, both of whom are due for a confirmed solo film in the next couple of years. Not to mention killing Spider-Man would keep parents from ever bringing their kids to a superhero film again.

Slim to none: Captain America & Tony Stark

The title of the film is "Captain America: Civil War", it is his film. Marvel has yet to kill of a main character in his own film, and it doesn't really make sense from a business perspective to kill off one of your most profitable characters and one of your staples heading into your next film, the most expensive film ever made, Avengers: Infinity War. Same goes for Iron Man, while it's not his film, he is one of the staple characters of this franchise and Marvel went to a lot of trouble to sign him for more films. Say what you will about RDJ, but he is a draw for a lot of casual moviegoers spending money on a ticket for this film, and that's why he gets the paycheck that he does.

Unlikely: Black Widow & Hawkeye

While neither one of these characters is getting a solo movie anytime soon (although Widow deserves one, badly), they are core members of the Avengers. While their fate (like all of these characters), is not assured post-infinity War, the bet that they will survive the film is likely. Also, Widow is a strong female character and I don't believe it would be a good idea for Marvel to kill off a female.

Could Happen: War Machine & Falcon

I would not like to see either of these happen. Having said that, it would be a major shift in the narrative of the franchise to have either one of their best friends/sidekicks die. In the trailer you see War Machine lying unconscious on the ground in front of Stark. I seriously doubt that they'd give away something as important as his death in the trailer. Falcon probably has a greater chance because Cap can only have one best friend/sidekick and that's why the most likely candidate for death is...

Most Likely: Bucky or a non-hero

Bucky Barnes. Steve's best friend and one of the last pieces of his past he has yet to say goodbye to. Kevin Feige himself has said that after you see this film you will look at Cap's movies as one of the most interesting trilogies about a singular character(paraphrasing). So the death of Bucky at the end of the film(maybe a redeeming death?), followed by the death of say, an aging Peggy Carter, could finish the Trilogy full circle, fully transitioning Cap into the modern world and finally letting go of his past. Saying goodbye to the Howling Commandos has resulted in The Avengers. Nick Fury, his Col. Phillips. Widow has replaced Peggy as his female partner in crime, although the "Love" aspect of that could and should be replaced by Sharon Carter. Falcon has replaced Bucky Ultimately. My Assumption is that the villain if this film will also be a strong foil to Cap and will help further along the story started in "The First Avenger". Also, if that rumor that Red Skull is still alive and will re-appear in Infinity War, that'll be a great way of finishing off a 6-film run for Cap(First Avenger, Avengers, Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron, Civil War, Infinity War). I know there is doubt here, considering that Sebastian Stan who portrays Bucky has signed a 9 film deal with Marvel. From a business perspective, this was probably done for a number of reasons: 1, To give the studio leverage over Chris Evans in case he ever wanted an absurd amount of money they could say, we don't need you, we got him. 2, In case Chris Evans really did want to leave the role, they can slide Stan right in there. 3, In case they ever wanted to do flashbacks or more Cap films or content set in the past, Stan would be available.

Killing a non-hero is the Marvel cop out to avoid the death of a hero and I wouldn't put it past them. Who would it be? Who knows? Jason Todd? (Sorry... Too Soon?)


Who do you think will die in Civil War?


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