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We've been waiting (mostly) patiently for Teen Wolf to come back for a while now. MTV used New York Comic-Con to unleash the trailer for Season 5B, and not only does it look like a show on fine form, it also drops some properly tantalizing hints about what's in store for Beacon Hills from January.

If you need a little reminder, here's that trailer again...

Although you've probably got it bookmarked. So, without further ado, let's look at what we know about 5B – and the questions we still need answered.

1. Chris Argent is coming home

We last saw Chris Argent in the Season 4 finale, and since then "he's been dealing with a few things," according to actor J.R. Bourne at the NYCC panel. The takes-no-shit werewolf hunter is always a good guy to have around when there's trouble in town, so his return is pretty much guaranteed to spark a fire under Season 5B.

2. Stiles and Scott are not OK

Ex-BFFs Scott and Stiles are still at odds when Season 5 resumes in January. Tyler Posey has described the fight teased in the trailer as "the peak" of the two characters' conflict, which does at least suggest that things might get better as the season goes on... right?!

Fingers crossed.

3. What the hell is up with Theo?

Don't we love to hate Theo? Everything we learned about the sociopathic wolf in 5A suggested there was even more crazy to be uncovered in the future, but we also need answers: was he born screwed up, or did some awful event in his childhood cause him to turn out like this?

Seriously Theo, WTF?
Seriously Theo, WTF?

A leaked casting call let slip that MTV was looking for an actress resembling Makenna James (who played Theo's big sister in 5.07) who'll be comfortable filming in water, suggesting we'll revisit the night of her death and get a few more answers about exactly what went down. Pretty exciting, huh?

4. Will we travel back in time?

The 5A finale gave us our first look at La Bête, the Dread Doctors' mysterious beast. Previously, an Easter egg had teased La Bête du Gévaudan, a wolf of legend who had lived in 18th century France. Is there some connection with the new beast, and if so, will we get some kind of a flashback to fill in the blanks?

The number of questions that need answering here is pretty much limitless. Roll on 5B...

5. Malia and the Desert Wolf

Expect 5B to be a big one for Malia, who is the Desert Wolf's prime target – not to mention, her daughter. We still don't know why it's so important to the Desert Wolf that Malia dies, or how it came to be that she feels nothing at all for her daughter beyond the burning desire to kill.

Malia turning to Theo for help in dealing with the Desert Wolf is guaranteed to make life extra difficult with Stiles. Exec producer Jeff Davis told TV Line that Malia will feature heavily in the 5B premiere, "take a step back" for a couple of episodes, and then "14 is all about Malia" – set the date Jan 26th in your phones, Malia fans (or those who want to see her dead).

Of course, there are plenty more questions that need answering, such as the mystery of who resides beneath the masks of the Dread Doctors, so you really can't afford to miss the season premiere.

5B begins January 5th on MTV – that's a Tuesday (Moondays are dead, and sadly there are no appropriate Tuesday puns) – at 9pm. See you there.


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