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Ok, to start off I thinks Dovahkiin should get a major change in Armour, but tell me what you thinks in the comments!

Hello, I'll be tellings all of yous how to get really good armour in Skyrim. Here is what I think, so three really good armour sets are: Dragon Scale, Dragon Bone, and of course (this is somewhat obvious) Deadric! Now I know your thinking, " Ohh Dragon Bone and a dragon warhammer YAAAS!!!!!!" But you have to remember, Dragon Bone is heavy armour + you gots all dat carry weight and only so much stamina to carry it all so who knows, you could be killing Alduin walking around barely going anywhere. Now onto Dragon Scale, this is my preference of armour, think about it. Dragon Scale is light armour, so I won't weigh you down as much as Dragon Bone, mix Dragon Scale and a dragon greatsword, there shall be death ;) Deadric: Highest rating armour in the game, blah blah blah, but is it really better than dragon? Let's find out! Pros: extremely defensive armour, extremely powerful weapons. Cons: Extremely heavy, extremely rare, extremely slow.

RESULT: Dragon Scale armour is the best

Tell me if you think differently here

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