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Hello to everyone! I'm back to the second part of my trailer analysis!

Let's begin:

  • Cap and Bucky surrender? (1:13 - 1:15)

It looks like Cap and Bucky are surrendering to the government. They surrounded by the army, and Cap is putting his shield on his back.

  • Iron Man! (1:15 - 1:16)

We finally see Iron Man! He has a new suit but it looks like there nothing new about this. There was a rumor which says that Iron Man will wear the "Bleeding edge armor" and it really cool suit.

  • New technology and fight? (1:19 - 1:20)

So there is a new thing in the suit, if you look closely you can that behind Iron Man's had there is something folding, his helmet! So maybe there are new things in this Iron Man's suit.

Also, you can see that Tony has a black eye. He was in a fight, but with who? It looks like this moment is the first meeting in the movie with Iron Man and Cap, bur maybe I'm wrong. We will come back to it.

  • Cap waiting to someone bad or Surrounded again? (1:15 - 1:21)

We can see in this 6 seconds that there are soliders behind Cap and he holding his shield waiting to someone. Also Iron Man says something impotmant:

Iron Man: "Captain, you seems a little defensive."

Captain America: "Well it been a long day."

So Captain America looks defensive, maybe Iron Man means about the guards that need protect Cap (if they on his side) or maybe he means about the shield which Cap is holding. So there are to options for this moment:

Cap waiting to someone to fight (Baron Zemo or someone else) and the soliders who behind him are helping, or the soliders are trying to stop him and the Iron Man is coming to stop Cap too. I think it's the second option.

  • Agent 13 and Martin Freeman (1:22)

In this scene, we can see Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) and Martin Freeman (whose role we don't know exactly) waiting Cap and Falcon.

  • Cap's shield and Falcon's wings are taken (1:23 - 1:24)

We can see that the soliders are taking Cap's shield and Falcon's wings and it looks like they were caught by the government.

  • Is Sharon Carter work for the government? (1:22 - 1:24)

The place where Cap and Falcon are in this scene looks like government's place, and there things are taken and this all making it looks like they were caught by the government.

But wait! Sharon Carter and Martin Freeman are there waiting to Cap and Falcon and it looks like they are with the soliders. We know that Martin Freeman's character is someone who works for the government, but also helping the superheroes, but we know that Sharon Carter in on Cap's side, so why it looks like she on governments side?

  • Cap and Bucky getting ready to fight (1:25 - 1:28)

Bucky is taking weapon and Cap with him. It looks like they are getting ready for a fight (maybe against Iron Man).

  • Iron Man is angry (1:29 - 1:31)

Iron Man is angry at Cap for some reason and kind of threatening\insulting Cap by saying:

"sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth"

And it looks like Cap is going to punch him in his teeth. I also need to show an important thing: Tony doesn't have his black eye on this scene. This mean that: the first scene where Cap and Iron Man are together in the trailer isn't the first scene where Cap and Iron Man are together in the movie. Maybe in this scene Tony will get his black eye from Cap's fist.

  • Falcon is flying (1:32 - 1:34)

We finally see Falcon flying, and his suit has more red, the MCU trying to do his suit more similar to the suit from the comics.

If you read my first part of the analysis, you know there is a scene in the beginning where Bucky is jumping from the building to another building, and the distance looks very big, and I said that maybe he will make the jump with the help of his robotic arm, or maybe someone will catch him. So I think this scene where Falcon is flying, is when he is trying to catch Bucky.

  • Cap in trouble (1:35 - 1:37)

Cap is on a roof and a man in helicopter is shooting him from a big gun, is this the government? or Crossbones's people (Hydra)? I don't know. There is also a destroyed helicoter on the roof with Cap.

  • Falcon with Cap for sure (1:38 - 1:41)

In this scene Falcon and Cap talking in a bar and Falcon says that people who shoot Cap also shoot him. We can understand that Falcon is on Cap's side.

Than there is an awesome moment which shows how falcon beating to soliders by double kick while he jumping with the help of his wings.

  • Black Widow giving Cap last chance (1:42 - 1:47)

We see Black Widow in airport saying (probably to Cap):

"You know what's about to happen, do really want to punch your way out of this?"

I'm guessing she is trying to convince Cap to stop and surrender, because if he won't do this, there is going to be a big fight. We know in the airport is going to be the fight between the two teams.

  • Iron Man's team (1:46)

And here it is! The big fight between the two teams/sides. We see Iron Man's team: Iron Man and War Machine, and of course it isn't all his team, there is going to be: Vision, Black Widow, Black Panther and maybe Spider-Man in his team. I'm sure most of them (or at least Vision, Black Widow) just behind Iron Man and War Machine. (also Iron Man has his black eye)

  • Cap's team (1:47)

Ang in the next shot we see Cap's team: Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Winter Solider (Bucky) and Captain America himself. Of course Falcon also there and we just don't see him in this shot, and maybe Ant-Man also there and we just don't see him in this shot like Falcon or he already small (maybe Sharon Carter also there).

  • Attack! (1:48 - 1:53)

The two teams are fighting and during the fight we can see a new character!

  • Iron Man and War Machine (1:47 - 1:48)

So we can see Iron Man and War Machine flying and Iron Man is ready to punch someone, and I think this someone is Scarlet Witch or Falcon, because this are the only characters who can fly in Cap's group.

  • Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch in trouble (1:49 -1:50)

We can see Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye running away from missels that probaly War Machine is shooting.

  • Cap made a choice (1:50 - 1:51)

Falcon: "What we do?"

Captain America: "We fight!"

Cap made a choice, he prefer fight instead of not help Bucky, even if he need to fight the government and his friends (Iron Man, Black Widow).

  • Cap's team (again) (1:52)

And we see Cap's team again, and know there running towards Iron Man's team. Now we see Falcon in the team, and maybe Ant-Man also there and he just shrinked when they start running. Also we can see that Scarlet Witch can fly, and it is amazing! Her powers are growing, and maybe she has other new powers!

  • Black Panther!!! (1:51)

We finally see Black Panther!!! And he looks so amazing! We can see he is also in the airport and this means he will fight too!

  • Black Panther is on Iron Man's side, maybe (1:53)

In this moment, we can see how Black Panther is kicking Bucky in the face, so that means Black Panther on Iron Man's side, or not?

We can understand that if he fight Bucky he will be against Cap's team, and rumors said that he is on Iron Man's side, but why would Black Panther a new superhero from another country, who is not connected in any way to the government, just come to this country and decide to help the government? I don't think so. Maybe Black Panther came because a personal reason, and this why he is fighting Bucky, or he want to fight with Cap and Bucky doesn't let him do it, or Black Panther is after Bucky for some reason.

  • Black Widow also fighting the "hunters" of Bucky? (1:53 - 1:54)

We can see a little shot of Black Widow fighting a solideer, and this solider looks like one of Bucky's "hunters", and the place where they fighting also looks like the place from the begining of the trailer. Does Black Widow help Cap and Falson to find Bucky? Or the government sent her to catch Bucky? Really interesting.

  • Cap after Black Panther, Black Panther after Bucky (1:54 - 1:55)

So here we can see Cap chases Black Panther who chases Bucky, we can understand that Black Panther is acually after Bucky, and I don't think because the government also after him, I think because of a personal reason.

In the comics T'Chaka (who was the Black Panther and the king of Wakanda) was murdered by Klaw, and his son T'Challa (our superhero Black Panther) became the Black Panther to revenge the death of his father. Maybe this story also will happen in the MCU, because we know that Klaw stole vibranium from Wakanda, and he still alive. So maybe somehow T'Challa (our superhero Black Panther) will think it's Bucky who murdered his father, and he will try to revenge by killing Bucky.

  • The helicopter (1:56 - 1:57)

So in this scene Cap holding a helicopter with his arm, and I thinl there is something or someone impotmant to him in the helicopter and we can see he doesn't want to let the helicopter go. Also i'm sure it's not the helicopter who shoot in earlier scenes (even that is the same place, and the helicopters look the same), I think it's the destroyed helicopter who was in this scence, or just another one.

  • Explosion (1:58)

Another little scene of the battle in the airport, and we can see Black Widow looking and a big explosion who I think did was War Machine.

  • Bucky try to kill Tony? (1:59)

Bucky fighting Iron Man and it looks like Bucky tries to take out Tony's Arc reactor, what will actually can kill Tony. The heroes in this movie not just fight each other, they try to kill each other! (or at least Bucky and War Machine do)

  • Is War Machine dead? (2:04 - 2:05)

In this moment we can see War Machine unconscious (or dead), Tony looks pretty angry and War Machine is missing his Arc reactor! I think it was Bucky who did this, because in previous scene Bucky tried to do the same to Iron Man, coincidence? I don't think so. I hoped that War Machine won't die, and maybe he actually alive in this scene and he just unconscious, and why would Marvel put such massive spoilers in the first trailer?

  • Companies destroyed (2:01 - 2:09)

Captain America: "I'm sorry Tony, you know I wouldn't do this if I had another choice. But he is my friend."

Iron Man: "So was I."

Another sad moment where Cap acually tells Tony that there companies is destroyed.

We also can see that Cap and Iron Man already tired of fighting.

  • Cap and Bucky vs Iron Man (2:11 - 2:16)

So the last ting we see, is how Cap and Bucky fighting against Iron Man, and it looks so cool when Cap throw to Bucky his shield and than Bucky use this also as a weapon, but I tink this awesome also tries to give us a hint. A hint about a replace for Captin America.

We know that in the comics Bucky and Falcon replaced Steve in the role of Captain America, but here in the MCU just one of them can be the replace (if Cap even die), but who? So I think this moment when Bucky is using the shield of Cap, is actually a hit that Bucky will be the replace.

So this my analysis to "Captain America: Civil War" trailer. Thank you for reading! And I want to thank Simon Mazepin for letting me use his pictures of the trailer!

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So on whose side are you?


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