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Fuck it, Spoilers! Lets go!:

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is an Inhuman from the Marvel Universe and is the title of the second show under Marvels deal with Netflex (After Daredevil, which was awesome for a complete different list of reasons then this effort). We start with the comic style introductions that give the viewer very little in to her actual life. However, does inform you that she is a Private Investigator, and not just any investigator, but the type that can find out anything, about anything and is hard nose like a beagle looking for bed bugs. Like the traditional version of Elliot from Mr. Robot, except she doesn't use the computer as much, and she's a little... less Elliot style crazy (this is my way of saying WATCH SEASON 1 OF MR. ROBOT!).

Off track, the show (Jessica Jones) is filled with more questions than answers in the first two episodes as you meet the parents of a young lady named Hope (Erin Moriarty), and although she isn't missing in the sense of never coming home never talking to you again (Hope that being), she has been acting extremely odd. Mr. and Mrs... Hope's parents worry that she is on drugs, and/or has just gone off the deep end and doesn't want to be found. Jessica's unease over being referred to by a cop (or so she thinks) is evident, but she agree's to take the case. When starting the research of this investigation she starts to get plagued by a barrage of nightmares from a demon in her past. Well... they could have always been there, although now they are just more vivid and fill somehow much more real. Your also introduced to a hand full of very important characters in the first episode or two. Most notable being Malcolm (Eka Darville) the sweet drug addict that lives down the hall, Jari Hogarth the cagey lesbian defense attorney who at times employees Jessica, and Luke Cage (Mike Colter). Who originally is noted as screwing around with one of Jessica's clients wives.

You meet Luke Cage more personally in the second episode. A side from all the delightful and rough sex Jones and Cage indulge in (....hmmm). Anyway, Hope. Interviewing friends and other people who may know her location. This turns up a long list of clues how ever the one most evident being that she fucked up by taking this case. Her nightmare has become a reality and all she wants in this world is to leave it. Asking her best friend Trish Walker (Racheal Taylor) for the money to flee to China being a real option. Well at this point in the episode you get everything you want from a hero, a change of heart, and finding the victim. Jessica also has to over come her own fears to save Hope which is good on film. She saves the girl with no effort (well except having to literally pry Hope from the spot her tormentor told her distinctly not to move, but Jessica is a super hero sooo fuck the rules right. You are left with a very interesting and sadding cliff hanger at the end that lands Hope in prison and welcome to Jessica Jones season Uno (That's one for you savages, you beautiful uneducated savages).

Building more story you meet more extensively chocolate bad ass Luke Cage. The photo's from the scene of the crime have been discovered, and Cage has been targeted for police conversation. It might be because he's black, but It's not for me to speculate. However one thing is pretty clear. Luke Cage doesn't like being spied on and feels lied to by Jones and the married woman that he has to now break things off with for being... married. You get a good back profile of the shows main antagonist Zebediah Killgrave (David Tennant), and after Luke's lovers entire rugby team attacks a game Luke Cage with some help from Jones you realize that Cage may not be normal, which only is confirmed when Cage takes a saw to his skin at the tail end of the Episode and calms to be "unbreakable". Well back to the Killgrave scene, He goes to someone's house and basically Jedi Mind-trick's his way into a great meal and throwing some children into a closet (if only I had such gifts).

Episode three you meet the last Important member of the cast of season one. That being Will Simpson (Wil Traval) who after some defamatory remarks from Trish to Killgrave, Killgrave sends to kill Trish. He is then saved by Jones and you finally get a proper look at Killgrave (AND HE WASN'T PURPLE, so disappointing). Jessica gives chase to Killgrave but is able to flee with the help of the people that Killgrave has been mind controlling. You find out that Killgrave has had Jones followed for quite some time, and it opens a whole new set of problems for Jones.

So this is the point that I try not to Spoil the rest of the season give my point of view on the show. Marvel has now released two absolute gems on netflix. Everything from the cinematography to the passing in the script to acting are top notch David Tennant played a perfect slimy and despicable villain. Later episodes allow Traval to show his acting chops. Ritter played Jessica perfectly to this dark adaptation of the Jones persona, and they where sure to add a few Easter Eggs from The Avengers to Spider-Man (who's also an Avenger but hasn't been announced) for fanboys and girls to mark over. My only negatives are that the show tried at times to be a little too dark which at times took away from the good nature of Jessica Jones. I think that Luke Cage's shocking revelation over his dead wife could have been planned out a little more dramatically. The cliffhanger was predictable, which was something I was praising about the show up to the point that this part of the story was introduced. Finally I was disappointed by the ending. Not the writing or concussion but my selfish want for more of the same for season two.

Ultimately this show was a great 13 episodes and I binged threw it like the internet junky that I obviously am. I give the entire first season an 8 out of 10. Would I recommend it? Hell yes! Would I watch it again? Of course. Thanks for reading and until next time. Yeah nothing... I can't come up with a catchy ending.


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