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Unbelievably, Gravity Falls is coming to an end; the series finale of the immensely popular show will air sometime in 2016, giving us plenty of time to ponder the unsolved mysteries of the show, and boy are there a lot of them! With plenty of plot threads to wrap up and relationship conflicts to resolve, the final episode has a lot of story to deal with. So here are some puzzles we'd like to see solved, as well as other things we want to see in 'Weirdmageddon 3'!

1. The Symbols On The Cipher Wheel

The Cipher Wheel is the symbol used to summon Bill Cipher to our realm of reality, and all the symbols match up to the characters in Gravity Falls. This GIF by fluffyflan helps explain the connections...

We know the characters are connected to the symbols: Bill frequently refers to Dipper as "Pine Tree" and Mabel as "Shooting Star." When he first met Soos in 'Dreamscaperers,' Bill referred to him as "Question Mark." All of these nicknames match the characters' symbols on the wheel.

There's certainly a mystery surrounding this — Ford found this wheel painted on a cave wall, and used it to summon Bill long before most of the characters were even born! Is this some sort of prophecy? Or is it just a neat fourth-wall breaking symbolic trick on the part of Alex Hirsch? Here's hoping S02E20 will give us the answer!

2. The Connection Between Stan & Bill

Despite the fact that Stan and Bill have never so much as exchanged words on the show, fans have been theorizing about their connection for a long time.

The similarities between the two are really starting to stack up, but on a very basic level they mirror each other — they're both wheeler dealers with a snappy dress sense (bow ties and kooky hats) and a very similar way of talking. So similar, in fact, that their dialogue frequently echoes each other...

"Eenie, meenie, miny... YOU!" - Stan, in Tourist Trapped, choosing Dipper to put up signs. Also Bill, in Sock Opera, choosing Dipper as his literal puppet.

In this short, the Gravity Falls team seemed to be hinting at Bill Cipher's plan for Stan Pines, as well as implying they've had some contact we haven't yet seen in the show...

"How about you keep the necklace, and I take YOUR SOUL?!"

Is this just Bill Cipher being creepy, or does he really want Stan's soul? And why are these two characters so similar? Alex Hirsch, you've got some explaining to do!

3. Why Did The Aliens Come To Earth?

In 'Dipper & Mabel vs. The Future,' it was revealed that Gravity Falls's strange floating cliffs were actually caused by an alien spacecraft crashing into Earth! There are a ton of implications this crash has for the mysteries of Gravity Falls, as Alex Hirsch talks about in this interview.

"The idea of Gravity Falls being a prehistoric UFO crash site seemed like a perfect explanation for the town’s geography, as well as an interesting way to suggest the origins of certain aspects of the town’s strangeness. We had this concept from the very beginning of the series, and it’s very cool to finally get a chance to reveal it in the show."
Gravity Falls' floating cliffs.
Gravity Falls' floating cliffs.

But this just raises even more questions! Thanks to these hidden hints, we know the aliens were transporting a dangerous creature (probably the Shapeshifter from 'Into The Bunker'), but why they crashed to Earth is still a mystery. Did they intend to visit Earth anyway? And what happened when they arrived? This is a puzzle that probably won't be solved in 'Weirdmageddon 3,' but it's nonetheless one of Gravity Falls's most intriguing unanswered questions.

4. Ford's Time In The Other World

After catching just a quick glimpse of the world beyond the portal, Fiddleford seemed very traumatized. Although his deteriorating mental health was definitely exacerbated by his later determination to wipe his own memories, this traumatic event no doubt catalyzed Fiddleford's struggle with madness.

With all this considered, we have to wonder how Ford fared in this dreadful world. He was there for about 30 years and yet his mental state isn't nearly as bad as Fiddleford's!

Is Ford just made of stronger stuff than Fiddleford, or is there another reason he survived the horrors of the world beyond the portal? Also, was this the world Bill Cipher comes from? Whether these questions are answered or not, we definitely want to catch a glimpse of this terrifying dimension in 'Weirdmageddon 3,' and flashbacks of Ford's time there would be awesome!

5. Time Baby & The Apocalyptic Future

There are just so many mysteries when Time Baby is concerned. Although Bill Cipher disintegrated Time Baby in 'Weirdmageddon 1,' it's pretty certain that Time Baby will be back. Alex Hirsch stated in this interview that Time Baby is "not as destroyed as you might think," and we actually already have some clues as to when Time Baby will return, thanks to another Gravity Falls short.

When Dipper wants to know when the real apocalypse will occur this is the answer...

"3012? Huh. We've got a while!"

What does this have to do with 'Weirdmageddon'? Well, this is what the code at the end of S02E18 said...


So, by destroying Time Baby, Bill may have created an infinite loop wherein the dictator's tyrannical rule begins when his molecules reconstitute in 3012. Is this how the post-apocalyptic future happens? Is there a time war?

Oh, the questions never end with Gravity Falls, but we'd love to get some answers to these mysteries before the show ends! What would you like to see happen in 'Weirdmageddon 3'? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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