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Thomas Marsula

This is an unfinished script for a little story I put together. Doing this was rather frustration as I lost my flash drive for some time. When I found it and picked up this story I realized how much I had given up on it. So I wanted to post what I had so far so at least someone else could hopefully make since of this vision I had. The over all theme is about breaking stereotypes. That while trying to keep it Disney-like made the story rather frustrating. The characters and plot are super undeveloped.

Prince Kiko, Mino

Dena, Nova

Lena, Riker

Celia, Kendra

King Kalic, Queen Morvena

One bright morning a young bunny prince named Kiko was now old enough to go to his first ballroom dance. His mother the queen said, “This is a very special day but I have to work. You’ll have to tell your father how it goes. I love you son.” Kiko warmly smiled and nodded, “I love you too mom.” The young prince prepares for the ballroom dance. He then goes down a long golden stairway. He starts to hear the music. He enters the large ball room to see other bunnies dancing. He joins in and dances for a while. The young prince retires to his room. His father the king enters his room. His father asks, “You’ve returned already? Did you meet anyone special?” Kiko sat down and gave a pouting look while answering, “No, are you disappointed in me?” His father sits on the edge of the bed and pats him on the shoulder and said, “Of course not. You’re my son. You could never let me down. I promise one day you’ll find that special bunny that will fill your heart with love.” He sits up and walks out the room. The young prince waits a bit then stands up. He runs away fearing his parents really did want this. He ran to a plane.

Kiko sings: “I will go and find the one I love. I can’t sadden my family’s hearts. I go to the ends of the world. I explore places unknown to me. No matter how dark it gets, I can’t give in, I can’t give up; I won’t cave in. I will let my heart be free to choose. ~

During an outside break a white bunny named Mino is hanging around a large group of others. The young bunny wears baggy blue pants, a sleeves t-shirt has gold bling and a backwards cap on. Mino said, “Alright, let’s make our time left out here count.” Kiko leaves the air station and keeps wondering forward and reaches a street. He almost crosses as a car passes by. He rushed across and enters the schools outside area. Mino looked up and said, “Looks like our transfer student has finally arrived. What’s your name?” Kiko waves, “Hola!” Mino said, “Ah you speak Spanish. Here follow me I’ll take you to a teacher.” Mino leads Mino to a teacher. Mino said, “Our Spanish transfer student has arrived.” The teacher said, “Come in.” Kiko enters the room.

On the other side of the school a bunny that is cloaked in a long hoodie coat is sitting at the edge of a table. His name is Riker. He stands up looking around at the empty area. (Riker’s song) Mino’s sister Dena approaches. She is wearing army cloths and a tied to the back of her head is a long hat. She approaches him. She said, “You seem rather sad.” Riker looks down at her sits back down and said, “I just want to be alone.” Dena asked, “Are you sure. The sweet melody made it seem like you wanted to be heard.” Riker said, “You really think so. I mean I spent the past three years all alone in silence.”

Dena asked, “Why?” Riker explains, “I lost all my former friends from my last school. And I can see that I’m not like any of the others. I became scared to talk and everyone here is also scared to talk to me.”

Dena shrugged, “Well you’re talking to me.” Riker said, “So I am. I guess I was waiting for someone to come along and help me. Who are you anyway?” Dena introduced, “I’m Mino’s younger sister Dena.” Riker introduced, “I’m Riker, I’m afraid I don’t your brother.” Dena raised a brow and said, “Really, he’s quite popular. He’s the white bunny with the baggy pants and chains.” Riker placed his hand on his chin and said, “Is he the one that’s inside the closet.” Dena asked, “Where did you get that?” Riker hopped of the table and said, “I’ve see him around. I often observe how others walk, talk and even how the breathe. It’s a poor habit that I started while being quite. I can see him whispering to his friend. A word I often here a lot from him is secret. After he usually lets out this sigh as if he wants to reveal said secret put his eyes give away how scared he is to say anything.” Dena said, “He’s only told me and one other bunny. Promise you won’t say anything.” Riker said, “Of course not. I know a bad situation when I see one. I don’t won’t to come off like I’m spreading rumors that would force him to say something too soon or hide it even deeper.” Dena said, “Thanks. You know you should try talking to others. You’re considering nature is very assuring.” Riker said, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Kiko picks up English through a montage of the teacher using various methods. Kiko steps outside. Nova and crew of bunnies approach. Nova said, “It looks like we have a small new comer.”

Kiko waves, “um, Hello.” Nova pushes Kiko to the ground. He gets up covers his face while he cries and runs down the hall. He bumps into Lena. She asks, “Are you ok?” Kiko rubs his head, “I’m hurt.”

Lena said, “Follow me.” She leads him into a dojo. She asked, “Was it bullies?” Kiko nodded, “Yes.”

(Lena’s song)

Mino enters the dojo. He said, “You’re teaching the new student some moves huh?” She said, “Someone bullied him.” Mino said, “Can I talk to him alone for a moment.” Lena said, “Ok.” She went back to presume teaching others. Mino asked, “Are you ok?” Kiko said, “I feel better now.” Mino said, “You’ve already learned some English. That’s impressive. So what’s your name anyway?” Kiko introduced, “I’m Kiko.” Mino introduced, “I’m Mino. Lena and I are in charge of making sure new students like you feel as comfy as possible. Where are you from?” Kiko answers, “Far away.” Mino asked, “Do you miss your home.” Kiko said, “A little. I came here to find love.” Mino said, “Love huh? Well this school has plenty of friendly bunnies round. I’m sure you’ll find someone special.”

Kiko asked, “What should I do then?” Mino said, “Well I suppose a little confidence never hurt. Just talking helps.” Kiko asked, “Like this?” Mino blushes a bit, “Right, I suppose so. Just being casual and all that stuff. Anyway since your new here I might as well take you on a tour.”

They leave the area and Mino takes Kiko to a bullet train. Mino said, “This all must be kind of scary.” Kiko said, “I like it. There’s so much to take in all at once.” Kiko begins to hum. (Kiko and Mino Duet)

The next day Mino’s friend Lena sees Dena coming toward her. Dena waves, “Hey Lena.” Lena waves, “Hi Dena. You look you’ve been training a lot. How’s your brother doing?” Dena nods, “I’m sure he’s doing fine. I mean I meet this bunny who seemed to figure out Mino’s secret. Have you talked to a bunny named Riker?” Lena said, “No. He’s that student that likes to sit alone right?” Dena nodded, “Yeah.” Lena said, “I’ll talk to him. You should see Mino. I’m sure he’d be glad to know you back from the military.”

One the train Kiko said, “This is amazing. This place has so much.” They got off and stood against a railing. Mino said, “It’s quite the place to live. I suppose we take it for granted sometimes.” Kiko looked at the others bunnies and said, “This isn’t like being a prince.” Mino turned and said asked, “You’re a prince?” Kiko said, “Yes. There’s no need to worry. My family will understand once I find love. There’s something I want to hear.” Mino asked, “Hear?” Kiko said, “Your music. I love music.” They went into the town to hear a wide variety of music. Kiko begins to dance.

Kiko said, “Dancing makes me happy. This music is so amazing.” Mino smirked, “Yeah it’s pretty cool. I love to rap.” Kiko asked, “What’s that?” (Mino’s mini Rap)

Kiko said, “That was cool. You’re really good.” Mino nods, “Thanks.” Kiko asked, “Hey Mino do you have someone you love?” Mino blushed a bit, “Love, well no. It’s complicated for me to explain.” Kiko said, “My dad says you have to work hard to find love. Even if it’s with someone at first sight. He says you have to keep working at it and stay together.” It starts to rain heavily. Mino leads them under a bus station for shelter. Mino asks nervously, “Um, Kiko, how would you feel about, going out, with me.”

Kiko looks directly at Mino and smiles, “I’d like that.” Mino asked, “Really?” Kiko answers, “Yes, yes”

Lena approaches Riker. She greets him, “Hello.” Riker looks up and said, “Oh hey, Lena, it’s uh good to see you again.” Lena asked, “It’s been a while since I’ve came to see how you have been doing. Is it true that you know about Mino?” Riker explains, “I see a lot of bunnies pass by including him. You don’t have to worry about me saying anything. It’s likely he’ll tell everyone himself.” Lena grew curious and asked, “What makes you think that?” Riker said, “He’s been working up courage. Seeing that has made me want to try harder too. So with that said, I’ve really like Lena for a long time.”

Leta: Oh, perhaps you could train with me in the dojo.

Riker: Is that a date?

Leta: Sure.

Dena Meets Nova

Dena: Hello

Nova: I’m busy.

Dena: Well that wasn’t a polite tone.

Nova: I don’t care. I got to teach new students who the real boss around here is.

Dena: Are you some kind of bully?

Nova: Maybe I am.

Dena: You need some positive feelings.

Nova: Whatever. I’m out of here.

Back a palace.

Queen: Where is Kiko?

King: I haven’t seen him all day. Don’t fret, I’ll look after him.

Back in city.

Kiko: It stopped

Mino: Come on let’s go.

They go to grass hill

Mino: So what do you do a prince?

Kiko: I’m mostly taken care of. I’ve ran before to dance my heart out. It’s what I want to do.

Mino: Won’t your parents be worried?

Kiko: I can take care of myself now. I want to become strong. Mino, I would like to hear you rap.



Mino brought into teachers office.

Teacher: As the schools ambassador I’ve felt like I should tell you this first. This school is shutting down.

Mino: What!

Teacher: We simply don’t have funds to keep this school running for the rest of this year. I didn’t want to panic the students too early. We’ve been trying to fundraise money on the side but it’s only helped a little.

Mino: I’m going to fix this.

Mino bumps into Nova who is crying. Mino looks up and placed his hand on Nova’s shoulder. Nova let’s out a hidden pain. Mino hugs him.

Mino meets up with Dena.

Dena: It’s good to see you again.

Mino: Sis! I have some pretty bad news. This school is running out of money. And just as I found someone special.

Dena: Special, you mean you’re in love?

Mino: I guess I am. Huh, I think I’m falling in love.

Nova: What’s this about the school shutting down?

Mino: The schools out of money. I have to do something.

Dena: Whoa, count me in.

Nova: Yeah, I guess I’m in too.

Other side of school

Riker: Who are you?

Kiko: I’m Kiko. I’m new here.

Riker: You seem kind of happy.

Kiko: I went on a date with Mino.

Riker: You didn’t mind telling a complete stranger that.

Kiko: Nope.

Mino: Oh, Kiko, there you are? Listen to me and these two are starting this group to save the school. Want to help.

Kiko: Yeah.

Riker: Count me in, Mino.

Mino: Thanks Riker.

Riker and the others go up ahead.

Mino: Are you sure you don’t want to go back Kiko?

Kiko: I’ll return eventually. I have to help you first.

Mino: You don’t have to.

Kiko: I want to help you Mino.

Mino: Um do you want to, I don’t know, hold hands or something.

Kiko takes Mino’s hand as they return to class.

They meet up with the others.

Nova: I called Celia and Kendra they’ll be joining us.

Leta: That makes eight of us. That’s enough to enter that annual dance/singing group contest.

Dena: Our school enters that every year. We’ve lost first every time.

Mino: Then let’s change that. After all this year we have to win.


Mino: Ok let’s take a break.

Kiko: What’s that?

Mino: No way, it’s snowing. Come on.

They sled together along with the others. They tumble down.

Mino: Sorry about that.

Kiko: It’s ok. It was nice. We’ve dated a few times. Does that make me your boyfriend?

Mino: Where did you learn that word?

Kiko: Riker taught me.

Mino: Well, I guess it does.

Kiko: Thank you for showing me snow. It’s very nice and cold.

Mino: Right, let’s get back inside.

Other side of room.

Riker: I see it Nova, you’ve turned over a new leaf.

Nova: What makes you say that?

Riker: Well besides the fact you haven’t bullied anyone for weeks now does. Also that looks in your eyes. I see a spark of love.

Nova: So what?

Riker: It’s good to have love. It makes the pain of losing someone else a little easier to bare. I would know. I used to isolate when I lost my parents. I held on to that pain for three years. Dena changed that for me. She’s become your spark.

Nova: So you really are the observer. I only heard bad rumors about you. There all wrong you know. Maybe you should show everyone else out there the same. Then you can say I love you Leta.

Riker: You’ve picked up on that.

Celia: We kind of all have.

Kendra: Yeah, it’s actually really obvious.

Riker: Right, I suppose so. Then I’ll make things right at the show.

Nova: We all will.

Celia: That’s right were in this together now.


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