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Agents of Shield has started to gain a fan base but still isn't nearly as pleasing as other shows or marvel products. I believe that Agents of Shield should end this season and they reboot it on Netflix. When this is done they should focus on the spy espionage aspect of Shield and not this Inhuman crap.

If reboot this show should still feature Coulsen, two lab nerds, a female, and a soldier as a team. Another addition should be Mockingbird. The show should be a Shield vs Hydra show. No inhumans or random powered people. Bring in the lamer comic villains and cool them up (like Batroc the leaper in Captain America 2). The show should have a darker feel to it more gritty spy feel, it should introduce the dark side of Shield. Last off, the show should look like the Marvel one shot that Coulsen was in, (A funny thing happened on the way to Thor's hammer).

I believe that if reboot and given a better budget this show has potential. It shouldn't be a team show really, more of spy thriller. Shows that I could compare to what I want are a cross between Chuck and Daredevil.

What do you think?

do you like this idea more than the current show?

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