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(The only research I've done was seeing trailers and gameplay from Paris Games, Just so you know) If you're a player of Gran Turismo, or of any racing game, you'll know that feeling of a car selection with multiple cars missing from the list that you would love to drive. This is mostly due to a couple of things, like copyrighting issues and getting the license to use these cars, like Porsche to everything thing that isn't NFS. Luckily for us, the creators, we aren't making any profit from the use of these cars in "Dreams". We can make what ever car our heart desires and put them into the game we make. Could range from the forgotten cars from GT2 to the cars we dream in our head that we could only have if we were an automotive engineer. We can also make these cars ourselves and make them however we want, could make our own modification that games don't give us like body mods. So like the use of cars on LBP, its a free usage system where it's free giveaways and fun games. But isn't LBP anymore, this is a whole different game. We're given another dimension of movement and creation, making car building a bit less square. As well for car creation, there is a mirror tool so it doesn't look lopsided. Going into this game, there are a lot of questions that haven't been answered that I would love to know, like: How can handling physics be tuned? How can Dream's logic be used?(I heard it's similar to LBP's) Where can the logic be harnessed on a created item? Is there different properties to materials like tarmac and grass? The list can go on and on of questions to purpose to this game and it's creators. This game is said to have a story line, so its not just a tool, but an actual game. Like LBP1, there was a part in the story pretty much all about the use of cars, at least the first level of Mags the Mechanic; and being made by the same group, there just might be a section of the story to introduce the use of cars. As much I'd love to say "ride the hype train on this", don't. All that riding the train will do is disappoint once it has reached the station, but going into it blind will make you question, and wonder what somethings will do, maybe make you discover the new tools that can make things super easy. But all we can do now, is dream.


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