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When the group first arrived in Alexandria, they realized that if they were going to survive they would need to convince the people that following them was the safest option. After the mid-season finale, we saw some badass transformations. Here are the top 4 biggest turn arounds that we have seen so far!

1. Deanna

When we first meet Deanna, she had some false impressions about the outside world and although trusted by the Alexandrians, Rick and the group didn't know whether this 'safe-haven' would accept them or even protect them (which proved to be the case in the latest installment). We watched as her character fell and become weak, but she proved to us that she wouldn't t go down without a fight. After helping Rick and taking a bite to the leg, she still takes out a few walkers on the way out (thankfully she worked out that they need to be shot in the head).

2. Jessie Anderson

Jessie has been strong a lot of the time, from the terrible day of the tin owl destruction (bad times) to the death of her husband... my sympathy goes out to all the tin owls out there during this tough time. She would do anything to protect her sons and finds herself in that situation when the Wolves attack. That was the first time her inner badass showed and we knew she could be a part of the group if they had to survive out in the world without the walls.

3. Aaron

This guy is one of the most loved Alexandrians because he genuinely wants Rick and the group to be a part of his life, and he brought them there to begin with. No one can deny that anyone whose a friend of Daryl is a friend of us, but the moment he showed his real bravery was when he stood by Maggie and wanted to risk his life to help her find Glenn.

4. Ron Anderson

Can we just appreciate that to be a badass you don't necessarily have to be a good guy? As much as we all want Ron to be a walker sandwich, he has gone from an annoying angsty teen to an even more annoying murderous jerk. No one pulls a gun on 'CORALLLLLLLL,' but he is making us see the good in every other character, and although Carl's sympathy will probably backfire, we can hope they can still form a bromance. YEAHHH!

Who knows how long any of these will carry on surviving, but the group continues to grow strong. Also, if anyone was freaking out like me in the latest episode ("Noooo Sammm stop calling mum, they gon' hear you blahhhhh"), then comment because I feel like I am panicking now!


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