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Reboots! More and more classic movies are getting either a complete reboot, or a sudden new chapter. Creed, is the latest in the Rocky universe. Following the illegitimate son of the great Apollo Creed, as he rises from problem child, to world contender battling with being a Creed.

Even though this is in the Rockyverse, they do make a good point to purely focus on Creed instead of making it a Rocky ft Creed movie. This was one of the main worries for me going into this film, I worried that it would become another Rocky film halfway through, and that they wouldn't really explore the new character. Thankfully this wasn't the case, but it also was at the same time. Now that may confuse slightly but I will get to it in a minute here. First I think it'll make sense with a little explanation of the main character Adonis Johnson (Creed) played by breakout star Micheal B. Jordan. Johnson (who doesn't go by the Creed name) is of course a aspiring boxer, something he obviously inherited from his old man. The problem is he is self taught as no one will teach him, they used this to throw in a throwback to a character many would forget Tony "Duke" Evans, by having a little memory montage of him and Apollo training, because nostalgia. This was a very brief moment in the film, because obviously they wanted to get Rocky in as quick as possible. So with no trainers Johnson is forced to move from sunny L.A to the cold hard streets of Philadelphia (which included a quick scene with Johnson going to the Rocky statue.) Johnson seeks out Rocky and that's where the film starts to pick up, which in my opinion was a bit of a let down. We didn't get to fully explore and get to know the new Creed, before Rocky was thrown into the mix, and that sets up the theme for the whole movie. Nostalgia. That is really what this film is all about. From the multiple, multiple references to the Rocky films including, Mighty Mick's Gym, the time when Rocky taught his son how to box, Adrian's restaurant. The film is littered with things, that make you go back to when you first watched a Rocky movie. Which is a slight shame, because even with Jordan's superb performance, every scene that doesn't include Stallone, lacks impact. You don't get that same connection you did with Rocky, and those moments you are supposed to feel bad for Johnson, you either don't have the reaction you should, or you feel sorry for Rocky more so. These moments are in the realm of, not intentional and, yes cry for Rocky we care more about him than Creed. They do things to move away from the Rocky past, then they bring the past right back into the mix. This leaves the protagonist Johnson in the unfortunate situation of trying to be his own character, while giving Rocky the screen time. It leaves a bad taste, as you are trying to really connect with Adonis, you are forced into this nostalgia trip that lessens the parts that actually do focus on his character development.

Even with these issues, it is a brilliant film. It has a good amount of drama, that does hit the right spots (as long as Rocky is in the scene.) The fight sequences are top notch. Even had people in the theater reeling and gasping at some of the punches. The end fight, was a classic Rocky I fight, long drawn out with plenty of action.


  • Powerful acting from a great cast
  • Boxing scene's are true Rocky pedigree fights.
  • Nostalgia is strong and not completely unwelcome
  • Makes a attempt to create a individual legacy for Creed


  • Poor Character Development
  • Too reliant on the relationship with Rocky
  • Drama only seems relevant when Rocky is in the scene
  • Romance is under-whelming

Recommend going to see this film, but be prepared for more of a Rocky/Creed film than a solely Creed film. It will make you smile, make you laugh and is a great feel good movie. Rocky fans will love this movie.

The nostalgia is real.


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