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While overall the episode is fairly solid, it suffers from a number of problems. The main hang up is sadly the premise. Since this story is designed to build up the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow, there’s very little time spent with Green Arrow and Flash, most of the drama and screen time is dedicated to Kendra, Hawkman, and Savage. That being said, there is one scene featuring the shows’ heroes in a coffee shop, which ranks one of the best in The Flash as yet. There’s something really amusing about heroes talking about their public perception that’s pretty great.

One of the episode’s biggest weaknesses is sadly Casper Crump as Vandal Savage. Being one of the highest profile villains the CW has pulled from the comics, Crump doesn’t really sell the power-hungry dictator all that well. A deeper voice and some henchmen might have served him well as his main standout abilities for most of the episode is a trench coat full of knives. That being said, when he upgrades to magic hawk-staff things get much better, including Crump’s performance.

One of the other really weird aspects which is sadly taken from the comics is Hawkman’s creepy motivation. The “You are destined to be my lover” routine hasn’t aged well but could have been saved if maybe someone in the story had pointed out how uncomfortable it is. As such, Hawkman comes off as a quasi-abusive weirdo who knocks Kendra off a balcony to active her powers.

Where the episode strives is in the aforementioned Flash and Green Arrow dynamic, the scenes where Kendra is enjoying her flight powers for the sake of them (and activating them without being manipulated or forced), and when it’s time for proper superhero action. The battles Green Arrow and Flash have against Hawkman and Vandal at the end of the episode are genuinely great, especially when tornado arms are used against winged men. Two of the more subtle bits that show the evolving DCWverse are the minor appearances of Damien Darhk and Merlin. Both appear operating with their expected modus operandi, something more common in fully developed in comics and it’s nice to see that employed here.

Legends of Today is lopsided but pulls through. The Flash and Green Arrow facing off against supernatural immortals and contending with Hawkpeople is amusing. The problems come from Casper Crump not fully discovering Vandal Savage and the creepy subtext of Hawkman from the comics that doesn’t deserve a full translation. Still, the episode feels fulfilled with an exciting lead in to part two.

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