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The previous episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was jaw-dropping seeing how deep HYDRA’s roots dug when anyone would have assumed they were down and out. Cut one head off, and two more take its place. Going into this means that S.H.I.E.L.D. has work to do cleaning up what they didn’t see creating problems all around them.

This episode opens with Coulson and Rosalind dating which one didn’t see being a thing after everything that has happened recently. A romantic scene for these two tha quickly turned dark. If you wondered why it is that Coulson suddenly snaps in this episode, this is where it starts. Right within the first ten minutes of the episode. We got a good gunfight out of it which made this a strong opening. Action that Coulson hasn’t really seen in quite some time since he lost his arm. This also left him very vulnerable, and a vulnerable Coulson is not a happy Coulson. That was character development he needed as well since he needed to actually feel what was at stake in this fight. It shakes things up because now he has started thinking like a director again, and always putting trust into question even when it is with his own team.

Only problem of course is that this Coulson who is taking things seriously as he should, should also not be the same Coulson that made the mistake of pushing everyone away and making them feel uncomfortable around him. He is the director, though when he makes his own people second guess themselves, there’s a problem. You do overlook this attitude when that involves a robbery which shows the risks Coulson is willing to take in order to get ahead of HYDRA and Ward.

Now his interrogation didn’t really go how you thought it would when first brought up. Asking for everyone to recount their experiences with Ward. Opens your eyes to how everyone who had a history with him on the team saw him. Not only this but it puts the pieces together in terms of his mentality and the things they overlooked about it. Daisy surely had the right idea seeing how their connection was stronger at some point.

Ward is the main attraction in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Closure”. Taking his campaign for revenge against S.H.I.E.L.D. to new heights. At this point he can now really be called a recognizable villain. He’s not lost, he has a purpose, and now there is actually some progress with him getting what he wants. Making moves that count, that actually affect others and put him on their radar again as a priority threat. This is a personal game, and it gets no more personal than his actions throughout this episode.

And it gets more personal when family is involved with Coulson trying to prove he will do anything to settle the score. Through Coulson’s acts of desperation he finally come to the truth about Ward’s past through a family member we just learn now exists. It in general was something which needed to be addressed eventually. The story of what really happens catches you off guard because you always knew there was something off about his story, but you now know that it was actually a bit worse. You don’t sympathize with Ward, but you surely now understand where things went wrong for him.

While Ward has his vendetta, there is still the other situation which is HYDRA trying to open up the portals again. Now having the two to help them is where things getting shocking because of what lengths they go for answers. As disturbing as things can get when you know what Ward has done before when he wanted answers from people. This you’d probably consider light, though when he’s messing with people you care about, every little thing matters. What we had been anticipating when it comes to exploration outside of Earth begins here. How this episode ended was exciting considering this is uncharted territory for everyone. Anything can really happen from going through the portal.

Best thing to come out of this episode is that Daisy finally gets her team to some extent. And it is because Mack steps up. Leading for him was an improvement on his character knowing he has always had the potential. He just needed to be given the chance. Starts to take charge, having more confidence in his command as he should.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Closure” was a great set up for the winter mid-season finale. Everyone has something to lose, to gain, and no one is safe.

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