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Minority Report has had a great first season up to this point. Whether you saw the movie or not this was a show that anyone could really enjoy. Sure it didn’t have the best views supposedly and FOX decided to cut it down to ten episodes, but that didn’t change that people do like this show for what it brought to the table compared to other crime dramas out there. It had science fiction elements, it had awesome effects for the budget, and characters worth investing in. Now for most of this season the precogs and Vega have been dealing with avoiding a future almost set in stone. And it seems that going into this episode they will face that future head on, but of course things aren’t exactly as they seem.

Good start to the episode with what led to pre-crime. It was interesting to see them at the beginning, young and naive to what they were really getting themselves into. If you didn’t feel sympathy for what they went through all those years, surely that moment alone helped you along the way.

Back to the present is picking up from the recent strike. The precogs and Vega team to thwart a chemical attack by Memento Mori. Having all three of the precogs in the same room was good for their character development. To have all three of them in the in a position of vulnerability which creates some tension between them. Giving them that opportunity to express some of the frustrations they had towards each other and how their collective actions all led to the situation they find themselves in now. Having them all together also made for an intense scene when they have their vision of the Momento Mori’s big strike. The most brutal they ever had while also really capturing how different it is for each of them in that moment where they are about to have their visions.

The same goes for Vega as well when it comes to character development. There has always been so much about her to like because of how selfless she can be when it matters the most. As much as Dash wanted to be the hero, it is safe to say that Vega was just as much if not more because of the risk she constantly took raising suspicion and deflecting answers. Vega represented what happens when you see people for more than just necessity. That person to challenge those who would sacrifice their ethics for what they believe is the greater good.

Blomfeld’s attempts to get the precogs back in the milk bath was handled a lot better than one would expect for the finale. Finally pulling he and the government’s resources together to their identities. He is ambitious and there was some excitement in the way he consistently pushed Vega’s back against the wall to figure out her involvement. You always wanted to see how far he would go to get the precogs and keep them, and he did not disappoint. Not the guy to overlook for good reason as they figured out the hard way. The moment of the vision coming to pass was predictable only for the fact that you knew Dash would be the reason they get caught, but it is really everything after that and the execution of it all which catches you off guard. This was where Blonfeld legitimately cemented himself as the villain. And what was most important is what happens after the precogs help. That is where they shake things up.

That was the first time that Arthur, Agatha and Dash really felt the dangers of those who would want to take advantage of them. Jaw-dropping since they never really had that first hand experience of what it meant to lose someone close to them. For everything they have seen, loss is something you need to deal with personally. With someone who genuinely has value to you. This goes for Arthur in particular who really shows his dark side, that anger which has stirred in him all those years.

The Minority Report Season Finale “Everybody Runs” ends on an odd note, but overall a beautiful ending taking advantage of what makes the precogs truly special. Vega included. This will be a show to miss as it has potential and could continue to do so if given the chance for a second season.

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